Saturday, May 01, 2010

Want To Double-Dip This Weekend's MAYDAY SOS FAX ATTACK?

This blog cannot in good conscience place 100% blame for inaction on any one political party.  But there are plenty of reasons for the unemployed to be angered at Congressional Republicans for their voting records and current stance.  In fact, with their now 41 vote filibuster that they use on every single issue (including failure to regulate Wall Street which caused this financial crisis to begin) it would seem as if they are now running the show in Washington. 

If you have sent out the faxes to all of the "targets" - perhaps we should now DOUBLE FAX ATTACK the Republicans who voted "Nay" to the jobless.  Need a list? 

Let's check the archives, shall we?

The voting record speaks for itself.  These Republican lawmakers essentially told the unemployed to drop dead back in March of this year.  And in case you haven't picked up a newspaper or read any online articles over the past year, it's really not a politically popular thing for a member of Congress to continue deficit spending and rack up the debt.  Although for millions deficit spending is needed for a Tier 5.

And don't fall for the garbage.  My readers are smart enough to know there's no such thing as "left over" TARP money or "left over" stimulus money.  Both of those leftovers were deficit spending.  No matter how the cookie crumbles the end result is deficit spending.  But it's necessary deficit spending.

One would think that with most of these Republican lawmakers having double digit unemployment in their respective states they would do the right thing for the unemployed in their states.  Instead, they believed it was wiser to place 100% of the political burden on Congressional Democrats.  (Knowing full well that the Democrats would have to tack this onto the National Debt).  What a divine opportunity for Republicans, right?  They get their cake of stating to the camera how they support unemployment insurance while they harp on the deficit and debt they created (or at least done nothing about while they had a majority)... all while eating their cake too.

Where are the extra 4 weeks Tom Coburn promised the long-term unemployed?

"We have 99 weeks of unemployment compensation out there right now -- and we're gonna move that to 103, and then we're going to move it even further," - Coburn, March 29, 2010

Not to confuse anyone - this post today is not intended to divide anyone from the MAYDAY cause.  I just thought it would be a novel idea to add to the cause by holding Tom Coburn accountable for his statement back in March.  In case my readers haven't noticed, this blogger does not discriminate on the basis of political affiliation (as everyone witnessed with the calling out Rep. McDermott's YouTube video title).

Where are the extra weeks Senator Coburn?
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