Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pennsylvania Unemployment Rate 9.0% - 1.1 Million Jobless In Pennsylvania Will Need Tier 5 Unemployment

According to Google Data based on numbers from the US Census, the total population of Pennsylvania is 12,604,767.  With the knowledge of March unemployment rates at 9.0% from the USDOL, BLS.  Just doing the raw math, this blogger gets the figure of 1,134,429 jobless in that state. 

There is a great video on YouTube posted about Pennsylvania unemployment.  The video illustrates a smaller number than what this blogger is calculating just using the raw data but chasing the true numbers is tricky, at best.  We all do know that there are a number simply not counted.  There is a very high number of under-employed all throughout the country. 

Check out this YouTube video if you haven't got the chance yet:

The jobless in Pennsylvania are going to need additional weeks of benefits.  Even if the numbers were 10,000 unemployed - these people are in this situation through no fault of their own and there are not enough jobs.  The math may not match but the people without work match and these Pennsylvanians matter, Congress. 

The two United States Senators from Pennsylvania are:  Robert P. Casey and the infamous Arlen Specter.  The contact information for these Senators is here:

The official website for the State of Pennsylvania for filing a claim is: and Four Pillars have forums for these persons to gather and share resources and information specific to their states.  Here are the links: 

Unemployed-Friends Forum - Pennsylvania

Four Pillars Forum - Unemployment Benefits Extended In Stimulus

(I had trouble finding the Four Pillars forum specifically for PA residents.  I did see recent activity from the link posted for the Four Pillars forum with persons posting from PA.)

I hope this information helps the residents of Pennsylvania and the majority of visitors to this blog from that state may come to this page by search engine traffic.  It is important that they have the most resources as possible (just like all states need) - so that they can organize and share resources. 

If anyone knows any other sources where the unemployed in state of Pennsylvania are organizing and sharing information specific their state, please post that information in comments.  It will help these residents stay connected with other unemployed persons in their state and quickly share vital information.
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