Sunday, May 09, 2010

New York Unemployment Rate 8.6%, 1.7 Million Jobless In NYS Are Depending On A Tier 5 Unemployment Extension

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the most recent records show New York is the third largest state in population after California and Texas, with an estimated population of 19,306,183.  According to current data released by the USDOL, BLS, taking the numbers at face value, that would equal 1,660,332 New Yorkers who are jobless. 

Sure when you say that the unemployment rate is 8.6% that certainly sounds lower than other unemployment rates in double-digits.  But when you think of it in terms of population, that number is horrible.  At least, 1.7 Million lives are presently turned upside down in the State of New York. 

The goal is to offer as many resources and one-stop shops to everyone.  The open broadcast of these numbers also help to make the case for the need for a Tier 5 Unemployment Extension.  The existing tiers which have federally funded UI assistance cut off at 8.5% should scare the heck out of a New Yorker.  Percentages are too easily manipulated.  The raw data of people is what should matter most to Congress. 

Senators Schumer and Gillibrand, you need to institute a stronger safety net for these people, 8.5% is still 1.64 Million people.  New Yorkers are flirting with the reality of dropping down to Texas-level unemployment rates and that brings these persons only more distress in this poor job market.  No one should have their safety net cut from them or even threatened over .1% - not with this population. 

Anyone out there know how the 'below 8.5%' number was calculated? 

Surely Congress is not so delusional to think there's no need for a safety net just because the percentage goes down a tenth of a percent.  However, it seems that they are to many who are not insiders.  We need to send them a message that Tier 5 Unemployment needs to consider population and this can easily be done by having different cutoff percentages for each state as opposed to the "one size fits half" strategy that is current law. 

My goal is for New Yorkers and all jobless Americans to have the best resources at their fingertips (and I plan to do this for each state).  Jobless Americans need good and reliable information as the current unemployment system remains out-dated and the only source that helps organize seems to be search engines.

The fact that a Facebook group can provide more instant information to the jobless speaks volumes about how out-dated the system is.  It just wasn't designed for needs of the 21st century and this is the result of neglect of government.

If you are in the State of New York and are unemployed, you may want to consider placing these links into your bookmarks.  These sources will keep you informed and if there is anyone out there that has more links for New York unemployment information - please post it in the comments. 

Aside from the NYS DOL page, here are where New Yorkers seem to gathering to share information:

Four Pillars Forum - New York State Extends Unemployment Benefits By 13 Weeks

Unemployed-Friends Forum - New York

Facebook - New York State Department of Labor

And Twitter is keeping all states updated, you just have to search.
Twitter - Tweets With Links For Tier 5  (aka #Tier5)

With nearly two million unemployed in New York State alone, there is a need for organization so people can get information quickly.  If anyone knows of other sites that may offer up to the minute news for New Yorkers - please post it in comments. 

The intent is to have all of the states mentioned with links to resources.
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