Friday, April 30, 2010


Today our efforts unite to fax our resume's to Congress. 

That is the single, most important effort we can do over the weekend.  Let's stay united and let's stay focused.

Quick update about Representative McDermott,
It has been brought to my attention that some people may have been having problems posting comments to that YouTube video posted by Jim McDermott.  He owns the content.  He can disable comments at any time.  Just for the public record.  I wanted to log the comments thus far:

  • RICHIE0619 Sir why would you intentionally mislead all of us that have been unemployed the longest. We all are still suffering many of us will lose oyr homes cars and credit standing. and this is through no fault of our own. Wall street and deregulation killed main street, and now wall street is boasting record profits and they got billions in bail out and tarp money. But we the majority and working class of America have no one representing our plight . Please introduce an amendment or bill for tier 5! 3 hours ago

  • 99erneedstier5 Representative why did you change? The longest and hardest hit of unemployed need help. How are we to even get to an interview if we don't have money to put gas in the car because we've lost assistance? Sir what is up 4 hours ago

  • olli19655 Rep McDermott.. with all due respect why did you change the title of your video? The problem still exist. Hundreds of thousands no longer receive benefits and were are in dire need of additional assistance 14 hours ago

  • tammylbass This has been flagged as spam show hide   (NOT SPAM, SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN FLAGGED) 
    Representative McDermott WHATS WITH THE TITLE CHANGE???? YOU DROPPED A TIER 5 part ! WHAT'S THE STORY???? Exhaustees are IN DIRE NEED!!! Not Spam 15 hours ago

  • the60sKid Representative McDermott WHATS WITH THE TITLE CHANGE???? YOU DROPPED A TIER 5 part ! WHAT'S THE STORY???? Exhaustees are IN DIRE NEED!!! 15 hours ago

  • serbellam Dear Mr. McDermott: you are one of the few politicians I actually respect and admire in Washington. You have always championed the cause of unemployed people. Why did you change the title of this video? Millions of exhaustees and soon to be exhaustees are probably wondering the exact same thing. 2 16 hours ago

  • ClearPolitics2012 Really, McDermott, why the title change? @usunemployed was right on this one. This video was originally titled,  "Rep. Jim McDermott on Tier 5 Unemployment Extension" and was changed to what it is now. What the heck??? 16 hours ago

  • jonnylingerie Bravo! Tier 5 is a joke...don't expect it to go anywhere. 16 hours ago

  • usunemployed Representative McDermott - there are too many witnesses that saw your original title to this video. It was misleading. There are too many Americans out there struggling due to inaction of government.

    More confusion does not help. Please make your stand on the issue clear. Your video was originally titled "Rep. McDermott on Tier 5 Unemployment Extension". Why did you change your title?
    2 16 hours ago

  • usunemployed There's an audience of persons unemployed who are curious as to why you titled your video "Rep. Jim McDermott on Tier 5 Unemployment Extension".

    Please, Representative, will you issue a press statement specifically on extending the weeks available on UI and indicate support so that the longest term-unemployed have more information? Do you plan to offer an amendment to HR 4213?

    People want more information as soon as possible.
    3 1 day ago

    These comments are extremely respectful.  There's no reason (other than his embarrassment) that Rep. McDermott would disable comments - but since some people reported having an issue posting their comments, I wanted to place on the record what comments exist (in the event the comments get deleted). 

    Do not get too distracted with the stunt from McDermott - all we want are answers.  Focus attention on Faxing resume's to Congress this weekend and on Monday, May 3rd. 

    Google Newsreel is running for breaking stories.  There are great links on the sidebar to check out.  This blogger is taking a back seat for the rest of the day.  We need to focus on the MAYDAY SOS FAX ATTACK Campaign.  Too much time and energy has been placed into that "cyber march" on Washington for us to not take advantage of the opportunity to be heard. 

    If you get a busy signal on a fax, keep trying!  That busy signal represents your fellow unemployed sending out a MAYDAY to Congress. 

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jim McDermott Changes YouTube Video Title After Caving To "Republican Obstructionism"

Mr. McDermott, you are not the only one who can change a title.  Logged for all of my readers (which is quite a considerable number for a small blog) is the blatant fact that you had a YouTube video that you titled "Rep. Jim McDermott on Tier 5 Unemployment Extension". 

Now you have changed that title.  Did you cave to the same Republican obstructionism you speak about in your video or did you think you could prosper from a publicity stunt?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Below was US Unemployed Blogsite's original posting on this:

Something interesting is on YouTube.  It has a posted date of April 23, 2010.  The most encouraging information for the long term unemployed is the fact that this particular YouTube video is posted by Representative Jim McDermott's official YouTube Channel:

The video WAS titled: 

"Rep. Jim McDermott on Tier 5 Unemployment Extension"

There are only two options why this video exists under that title and is on the offiical YouTube Channel for the Washington State's 7th Congressional District by Democrat Representative Jim McDermott. 

It's either a publicity stunt - earmarked to simply talk about Republican obstructionism and a really bad joke to play on the longest term unemployed who desperately need a Tier 5 Unemployment Extension. 


He plans to introduce Tier 5 Legislation.

Let's hold him accountable to the latter.  If the first possible explanation (or something similar) is his plan, he would be using those needing a Tier 5 as a publicity stunt.  He would be essentially insulting the intelligence of all of the longest-term  unemployed.  Personally, I do not believe McDermott would do this.  His district has a very high unemployment rate and his voting record in the past has always been in the favor of extending unemployment.

Readers, what do you think?  Publicity stunt or real thing?  Obviously, we need the legislation on the table before we can say for certain but Mr. McDermott needs to be held accountable titling a YouTube video "Rep. Jim McDermott on Tier 5 Unemployment Extension" if he does not intend to bring the legislation to floor. 


Now for certain we can say he's changed position or that was a publicity stunt.  Shame on you, Rep. McDermott!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

#5 On Means Nothing If Congress Isn't Listening

Reading the latest article from Mike Rheaume, Gather, inspires me to keep pressing forward on the cause for a Tier 5 Unemployment Extension.  Congress knows for certain we are here and ignoring the longest-term unemployed is not a solution for any political party.  Democrats may have perhaps made the political miscalculation that since the Republican majority does not see the need for any additional unemployment extensions (seeing they voted "Nay" to even extend the dates of the already approved tiers), they will have no repercussions by not addressing this issue. 

Both parties need to think again if this is their thought.  Yes, Wall Street Reform is important.  Yes, we must have a Supreme Court but not until October.  Yes, immigration reform is important but that issue has waited this many years...

The point is simple and there is no cause greater at this current moment than job creation.  If the jobs cannot be created fast enough, the American people deserve to at least receive the fraction of their prior salaries from unemployment insurance.  In some states, the worker has actually paid into this system directly.  In all other states, the employee has paid into the system indirectly.  This isn't a handout - it's a hand up.  It's an honest Main Street Bailout that one would think would be much more politically popular.

No one out there is choosing this 11 MILLION JOB shortfall our country has.  I have complete and total optimism that a million jobs can be created this year.  Even with that optimistic and over-reaching opinion, that still leaves 10 MILLION JOBS short.  Most, if not all, are gone forever.  Persons are re-training and learning trades they never imagined they would need. 

The whole situation is frustrating and it has nothing to do with political affiliation.  When one loses his/her job or safety net the absolute last thought on that person's mind is if they are Republican or Democrat or Independent.  The first thing on your mind is, "How can I make ends meet?".  "How will I pay my mortgage and keep food on the table?".  "How will I provide for my children?"  These questions are much more important than which political party is up or down and Congress needs to reflect that. 

Everyone, please keep your spirits up and keep urging Congress to assist.  Continue to take part in the initiatives such as the petition, the "Unemployed Will Be Heard" call Congress campaign, and the upcoming "MAYDAY" campaign.  Don't like any of these campaigns?  Make your own!  If it is something everyone can do, this blog will promote it - just let US Unemployed Blogsite know. 

The cause may be #5 at for now.

Please help us push this cause to the top.  Number one isn't necessarily the goal - the goal is getting a Tier 5 passed through Congress and your Representatives need to know where you stand.  Unless of course, you have an idea that would create 11 million jobs overnight that is feasible and would not uproot the economy. 

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tier 5 - Daily Examiner Update

Today's update from the Examiner:

For those who did not see this article, it is the best of the smallest recent glimmers of hope that are out there on the Internet today.  The meat of the article comes from the testimony of the readers of Rochester Unemployment Examiner, Michael Thornton.  Mr. Thornton's journalism on this issue has been impressive and much to the benefit of the longest-term unemployed seeking action from government for a Tier 5 extension. 

He also is certain to always mention the efforts of Tier 5 activists by mentioning the campaigns: "MAYDAY SOS Fax Attack", the petition, and giving readers the access to contact their elected representatives which echoes the "Unemployed Will Be Heard" campaign. 

For example, one of his readers submitted the testimony: 
"From C: Last Friday, I called Senator Sherrod Brown's, Reid's and Senator Durbin's offices. I was told by all of their aides that they are all highly aware of the long termed unemployed and that they were all pushing for a Tier V….
I personally feel that because they have received so many calls, emails, faxes that they don't want to leak anything out in the media of what they’re doing regarding this. I think they don't want people to catch wind of it so then they'll get even more pressure and questions."

Kirsten Gillibrand Supports Tier 5 Unemployment Extensions

At around 5:15 EST on a live video Facebook session with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), a number of unemployed persons began voicing their concerns about the need for a Tier 5 Unemployment. 

This was the answer from Kirsten Gillibrand: 

Please excuse the video quality.  It was a record from a ustream Facebook session and may not be the greatest in video quality.  The Senator does state that she supports a Tier 5 Unemployment but offers no details as to when the extension may happen. 

Please trust, the issue of when was pressed.  The collective online participating crowd kept pressuring the Senator for answers of when.  Comments from other participants stated replies such as:  "the Senator supports the extension, why are you so concerned?" or "you need to ask NY State Legislature about that issue" or my favorite, "Are all of these people being paid to lobby for a Tier 5?"...

No one is getting paid here.  It is only the collective efforts of those who can participate in these events raising awareness and asking the questions that so many are desperately seeking the answer.  Hopefully, Senator Gillibrand takes this dire need of urgency seriously as HR 4213 is being debated in the coming weeks.

Facebook Plea To Kirsten Gillibrand

Advocates for a Tier 5 must remain creative to get the attention of Congress.  Tomorrow, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) - is holding a video conference at 5PM Eastern Time on Facebook.  This event can be found and you can RSVP at

US Unemployed Blogsite has noticed that some unemployed have began taking to her comment section already asking this United States Senator to please take up the cause for Tier 5 Unemployment Insurance.  Surely her staff or herself reads these comments.  Feel free to take your message to Facebook and participate in her conference tomorrow at 5PM EST - 2PM PST. 

Be polite and civil and ask her for help even if she is not your state's Senator.  The messages get read by someone taking note.  It may also foster more awareness and support from others unaware of the full story of the unemployed without benefits.  It's worth a shot.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Tier 5: Reasons why it's needed, who is trying to stop it

Tier 5: Reasons why it's needed, who is trying to stop it

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Rep. Sander Levin (D-Mich) Vows To Pass HR 4213 Before Memorial Day

According to public records available from the House Ways & Means Committee, the Representative from Michigan's 12th District has released the following statement: 

“Chairman Levin has stated that he will continue working with the Senate to complete work on H.R. 4213 by Memorial Day to ensure the benefits included are available to families and businesses, particularly those benefits directed to workers who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own. We are committed to, and working toward, passing a longer-term extension of unemployment benefits as included in H.R. 4213.”

H.R. 4213 (American Workers, State, and Business Relief Act of 2010) will extend the dates for the existing tiers currently approved by Congress (if your state meets the eligibility requirements).

This bill has already passed the House and Senate and is awaiting reconciliation before the President can sign the bill into law.  As most unemployed may know, the debate continues in Washington on how to pay for these extensions and there have been reports that there will be another spectacle before the passage of this bill. 

In it's current form, this bill DOES NOT offer an extension of weeks or the creation of a Tier 5 for those who have exhausted the maximum approved benefit amount.

Political activism from those seeking a Tier 5 unemployment extension will continue.  Please visit the JoblessUnite website for details on the "Resume Fax Attack" and "On The Record" Campaigns.  On April 30, 2010 and May 3, 2010 those who wish to participate will be faxing their resumes to Congress with the "M-A-Y-D-A-Y S-O-S" message on the very front of their resumes.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wanted : Wikipedia Writer - May Pay A Tier 5

For those of you who get feeds of this blog, you just saw a feed stating that the political activism for a Tier 5 Unemployment Extension was posted to Wikipedia.  We are currently working to resolve this issue with Wikipedia.  (From my understanding, Wikipedia immediately rejected the article and flagged the Wikipedia article as a spam attempt by citing 

If you know how to correctly publish a Wikipedia article, please contact the editor of this blog or please post the article yourself.  It is important that the free, online encyclopedia recognizes the factual information that the unemployed seeking assistance for an extension of weeks for unemployment insurance acknowledge this movement.  The Tea Party Movement is documented and this cause is just as important as 500k unemployed Americans have exhausted benefits and a million will have exhausted benefits by the end of the month. 

US Unemployed Blogsite is working to make sure this cause is a permanent piece of US history by getting a good article on Wikipedia.  If you have suggestions or can help, please contact by email or comment.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

There's A Need To Believe In Tier 5

In case you missed today's Internet blog talk radio program, hosted by "Mr. G",  along with his guests Len M. Allen, Author of "Unemployed: Life in the Wilderness", and Paladinette, the focus of the show was believing that Tier 5 can happen with determination and a peaceful protest asking Congress to act.  Please click the play button on the player to listen in if you wish.  (Or pause if the player auto-plays until you want to listen).  

The show is certainly faith-based, however, one does not have to be a Christian to appreciate the value of the information.  The information helps everyone who is frustrated with their personal situation and the inaction of government and how a positive attitude can change the effectiveness of your message.  Be that in a job interview, contacting a member of Congress, or even in daily communication with your fellow citizens. 

Paladinette also mentioned the effort which is going to begin on April 30, 2010 and May 3, 2010.  The M-A-Y-D-A-Y S.O.S Fax Attack and On The Record are additional actions your fellow unemployed will be participating in very soon.  The "On The Record" campaign is absolutely brilliant.  At there are step-by-step instructions to get your message, yes, your message directly on the record of the Senate Finance Committee.  Please be professional and courteous when submitting this by US Mail.  Remember, the message that you send will be on the record in the United States Senate forever. 

With these efforts to get Congress to muster the "political will" to act in addition to all of the calls, emails, and online petitioning so many have done, hopefully we can all make a difference for the 500,000 (there has to be more than that number) who have lost all assistance from UI.  According to articles released today by the Examiner and Gather, those who have exhausted all benefits from Unemployment Insurance need as many persons taking action as possible. 

Both of these articles mention a Congressional staffer stating:

"It's not that they don't want to help," said the staffer. "But there is that calculation that you can only juggle so many legislative balls at one time. And while unemployment is important, is it more important than the Supreme Court or financial reform or immigration?"

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

No Finger Pointing (Yet)...Just An Honest Question

This post may not reach the audience it was intended but it's worth a shot.  As we all wait for Congress to act, one has to wonder why not even 25% are taking action.  If you look at the numbers who exhausted benefits VS. the numbers on petitions or who are members of groups advocating for a Tier 5, it's not even close to matching up.  In fact, it does not even make up 25%. 

Now, I could post graphs and charts and illustrate for everyone what I am talking about but before I get into that I want my readers to help me try to find an answer for this. 

As I read this article at Gather posted by a really great journalist for the longest-term unemployed from Mike Rheaume, Gather, I know that there are larger audiences than those that visit this blog that are getting the message.  Mr. Rheaume's article is here and is near the top for current Google news results:

99er Update: Encouraging Words from Tier V Unemployment Extension Petition Creator

No finger-pointing is intended but why readers do you suppose the numbers do not match up even remotely for that petition?  Or for that matter all of the other petitions out there for a Tier 5?  We all know that the numbers of those who have exhausted benefits far exceed 20,000.  Where is everyone??

Realizing the heart-breaking reality that too many who would stand up if they could are possibly homeless today, that is certainly a percentage.  Where are the rest?  Any thoughts? 

You may leave comments as "Anonymous" or select the "Name/URL" option and leave the URL blank so you can leave a name or not - No post will be deleted unless there are vulgarities.  Just trying to pose an honest question here and I can think of no one better to help me answer these questions than my readers.

If Tier 5 is going to happen, we need a surge of troops before Memorial Day.

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Truth Hurts

As much as it pains me to write this post, it is the truth as we know it.  I want my readers to know they need to do what is needed to plan accordingly.  The most irresponsible thing for me to do would be to continue blogging now about legislation that may or may not happen before Memorial Day. 

Those who have exhausted their benefits will get no attention from Congress at least until Financial Reform is done or the next scheduled cutoff date on June 2nd is near.  With most reports indicating a Congressional battle is on the horizon in the coming weeks, the chance of Congress picking back up the issue of unemployment is not good.  Especially when consideration is given that before the June cutoff date comes the Congressional Memorial Day break.  (Yes, another Congressional recess for one week). 

The absolute most headway the unemployed who have exhausted benefits can do is win the employment lottery and land a job.  All other chances are drumming up media attention so that additional weeks are at least considered before the next UI legislation is debated.  This should be in the interest of even someone who is currently on Tier 2 (for example). 

Remember, each and every 99er was a 46er at one time thinking for certain they would have employment.

This blogger will be focusing attention on just that type of media coverage needed and it will be interesting to see the April job numbers.  If another significant number of jobs are created there are plenty of reasons to speculate it is the end of the road for Federal UI assistance.  Remember, the cut off for UI is 8.5%.  No matter what tier you happen to be on (if any) - your state loses funding immediately if the rate drops below that level.

Just go ask an unemployed person in Texas still struggling to find work.  The state of Texas has an unemployment rate of 8.2%.  They are .3% shy of being able to have federal UI assistance.  For Texans, a Tier 5 would not help them now even if it was already passed.  This is why some unemployed Texans resent being called a 99er.  They never saw the full 99 week duration.  8.2% unemployment is still very high but not high enough to make the mark.

Needless to say, it's going to be a rocky road for the unemployed.  Most will need to adapt to a different career because the millions of jobs that left are gone forever.  Those lucky enough to fight the odds of even gaining employment and also lucky enough to gain employment in the same profession are jackpot winners in this job market. 

Remember that you have other options for assistance if you need them.  Contact your nearest department for food stamps and be aware of the non-profit organizations in your area such as FeedingAmerica, UnitedWay, or a community church.  Everyone needs a telephone and SafeLink wireless offers free service for persons in need. 

Avoid the negatives out there and the Faux stories geared to get you to just click the story.  If it sounds too good to be true, it more than likely is.  Remember that the next week or two will be dominated by Financial Reform Legislation and not unemployment legislation.

The absolute soonest time we can expect Congress to pick back up on addressing the unemployment crisis will be the minute Financial Reform clears.  Just this one time it would benefit everyone if Republicans just said nothing so the sooner Financial Reform is passed.  Make no mistake, the Democratic plan for reform will pass so it would be in the interest of everyone if they would just get it passed without any delays. 

The sooner that bill gets out of Congress is the sooner unemployment is addressed.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Something To Think About Over The Weekend

These are some talking points to think about over the weekend as everyone continues to  survive this disaster.  If you have been paying attention to the job market, you see the upward trend of job creation.  It is in fact going in the right direction for now.  That's great news but means squat for the millions of unemployed who have exhausted their benefits and need additional assistance now.  Is that agreeable?  I think most unemployed can agree on that one. 

There is no greater case for the need for a Tier 5 than if you look at this graph.  To a person happily employed right now - it means to them perhaps it is okay to go ahead and shut off the funding for the longest-term unemployed.  To a person who is unemployed, it underscores the fact that if you were laid off in 2008 - you are just now having the opportunity to truly compete for jobs.  Both sides agree that this graph is good news but the graph speaks for itself about the jobs that just did not exist during 2008 and 2009.

Sure, the longest-term unemployed were applying their hearts out.  But during 2008 and 2009 the country was losing jobs.  How can anyone say that all of the longest-term unemployed are not doing their best is absurd.  There can be no change in the number of those who are unemployed until jobs are created.  When there are this many millions out of work - 162,000 jobs in one month is a great start but there are not enough jobs for everyone. 

Why shut off the lifeline that so many thousands need until the jobs that the country lost get created again?  The numbers do not add up.  To be totally fair about the situation:  If you were laid off in the year 2008, just recently have you had a true opportunity to apply for a job and get serious consideration.  There was massive job loss in 2008 and 2009.  Your only opportunity was to take the position of someone else who quit their job. 

If you are eligible to receive unemployment benefits - you know that you cannot even receive the benefit unless your state verifies that you were laid off.  The unemployed did not quit their jobs - they were laid off.  Unemployed through no fault of their own.  If there is anyone out there who is a 99er wishing that you had done more in 2008 and 2009 - look at the number of job losses.  There's nothing more you could have done.

It's just simple math.  It speaks to what Senator Menendez was mentioning in that Senate Finance Committee hearing.  The jobs did not exist during '08 and '09.  The graph tells us that.  Common sense tells us that.

Bill Is Law To Extend Deadlines Through June - Questions From Longest-Term Unemployed Unanswered - Blogger Addresses Activists For Tier 5

Notice how long that title is?

For those on Tiers 1, 2, 3, EB, and if your state qualifies, 4, Congress and the President signed into law today a bill which extends the current availability of UI Tiers until June.  Congress is expected to take on the issue of extending the benefits through the end of the year and also implement extensions for the way states borrow the funds for unemployment insurance programs before that deadline ends.  

For those who are longer-term unemployed and exhausted the maximum benefit of 99 weeks, this action does not provide assistance for you. 

It remains confusing to write about these extensions as Congress has yet to address the need to extend benefits beyond the maximum amount of 99 weeks.  An immediate smoke-screen also appears thanks in part to larger media outlets using the words "unemployment extension", at will.  The media has to be doing this to attract larger audiences.  Which we have to understand that to a degree.  They are in the business to make money then report the news nowadays. 

After all, being specific is boring and lengthy and doesn't bode well with Twitter.  Plus, it does not attract the crowd who oppose these extensions which make for an interesting online soap opera in the comment section of the articles.

There have been a few brave sources make an attempt to correct this journalism error.  In fact, quite a bit more in recent weeks.  Things such as this do not happen because the media suddenly cares.  These things happen thanks to the 99ers out there who are doing all they can do each and every day.

In between searching for jobs that just aren't there, posting news updates to other forums so that your fellow unemployed know the 4-1-1 about what is truly happening, calling members of Congress to get their words heard, calling/emailing the press to get them to take notice of the situation, starting online petitions to Congress and asking your fellow unemployed to spread the word for you, and dealing with your own personal calamities and hardships.  No one could ever convince me that all of the 99ers are "bums" looking for government handouts.  These tasks far exceed the normal routine of a day by day job. 

It is safe to say that there is an army of 99ers on the Internet fighting for what they believe.  Each and every 99er is on a mission to survive and get their voices heard.  There may not be much organization in this standing army but there is something just as strong and that is determination.

If only Al Qaeda were on the Internet.  99ers would destroy them all.

It has always been the opinion of this blogger that if you take on an initiative to petition to this Congress for the need to take action for the longest-term unemployed, we will support and advocate for you.  Whether your form of petitioning is just calling Congress or posting comments on inaccurate news stories or starting up an Internet Talk Radio show where other unemployed can call in and share stories and information or starting your own website and advocating for this need, US Unemployed Blogsite will find room for you on this blog.  Isn't that a form of organization and making the unemployed aware of resources? 

There was a comment posted on a previous post that these can sometimes appear self-serving.  My response to that was, "yes, you better believe it is self serving".  Only in the sense of helping to advocate for a Tier 5 extension, though.  If an unemployed person happens to land a spot on Oprah and get coverage on this issue - great!  Go make a name for yourself and advocate for a Tier 5.  Although Oprah is a stretch, you get the point. 

Let's face it though, that scenario really is turning lemons into lemonade.  Imagine the prospect of a totally broke unemployed person gaining some success and spreading the need for a Tier 5 at the same time to a larger audience.  That's an interesting story to the people who have not been living in this nightmare for the past two years.  This speaks to the American entrepreneurship that is in all of our blood.  It only proves the point that the longest-term unemployed are talented people in a bad job market getting creative.  Last time I checked, Internet commerce was doing quite well.  Some unemployed may very well find meaningful employment with the Internet.

The 99ers are making slow progress.  Just a short month ago there were no sources pointing out that this extension does not help the longest-term unemployed.  No matter what you have decided the role you will take on for yourself will be; if you have the extra time and resources to advocate for a Tier 5, do it.  At least there are some news outlets now reporting on the issue.  We are all doing something right to even change that.

This will not be over though until a bill is on the floor that helps the longest-term unemployed.  Whatever you are doing out there - keep doing it.  Some of the media sources are picking up on this grassroots effort.  That's publicity.  That's the people exercising their rights of free speech and others taking notice. 

Congress isn't going to act if we were all doing the exact same thing and the truth is we are all a diverse people with different ideas.  We are all mostly using little start up capital or we wouldn't be collecting unemployment to begin.  It's not as if the unemployed can appoint representatives from each state and convene in a large body like the United States House of Representatives and get paid a six-figure income to just argue with each other and ignore the real needs for millions of Americans for our personal gain.

Do not allow the media and Congress to divide the needs of the unemployed.  No matter what your political beliefs may be, if you are a 99er and your member of Congress is not representing your need for jobs and until then, unemployment extensions, you are not being represented.  The last time I checked this was a free country where we could demand action from our elected officials.

The unemployed are not divided we are just a little unorganized at the moment. 

As this blog seems to be evolving into a temporary political activist source, more will be posted about people starting their own opportunity to help us organize.

More information about the 99ers and what they are doing to make this extension happen coming soon.  Thanks to everyone for doing what they do and for the sake of our country and all of it's citizens I hope and pray the unemployment crisis in this country can get resolved as soon as possible.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

About That Senate Finance Committee Hearing Yesterday

WASHINGTON, D.C. - After playing back yesterday's Senate Finance Committee Hearing, Senator Menendez was the only Senator to challenge the assertion from Doug Holmes' written testimony that extending unemployment benefits is less incentive for the unemployed to look for and acquire work.  Menendez injects common sense into the discussion and states the fact that there are not enough jobs for every unemployed American; thus, justifying the need for extended unemployment insurance. 

The hearing seemed to be more geared toward what government can do in addition to unemployment benefits to assist the jobless rather than only adding tiers of benefits. The hearing also addressed the lack of funds that states have for unemployment benefits and their need for longer loan durations and having these loans at no interest. 

Mark Sandi, Ph.D., Chief Economist and Cofounder, Moody’s Analytics, West Chester, VA, helped to make the best case for the current need for extended unemployment benefits as he spoke about each dollar the federal government spends on unemployment extensions equates to approximately $1.61 in direct stimulus for local communities.  Although he did not speak directly to a Tier 5 extension, he did express the need for these benefits to continue through the end of the year in order to prevent a backward trend from a recovery standpoint and stated that the extensions are necessary deficit spending and having any type of plan to offset the spending would be counter-productive to the fragile economy. 

Dr. Sandi's testimony seemed to make the strongest argument for the need to continue to extend unemployment benefits to the members present at the Senate Finance Committee.

The full hearing is available to the public at

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Senate Finance Committee On Unemployment Today 04/14/2010

Watch what happened during the committee here:

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.) convened a hearing today to explore opportunities for creating jobs through the Federal Unemployment Insurance program. Baucus examined the effectiveness of new programs for Americans receiving unemployment insurance that would give employers new resources to create jobs, work-share programs that help employers save jobs and self-employment programs that provide assistance to entrepreneurs who create their own jobs.

“For millions of Americans, the unemployment insurance system provides a vital safety net, but these unemployed Americans want more than an unemployment check – they want to be back at work,” Baucus said. “So let’s look for ways our unemployment insurance program can be new, innovative and common-sense. Let’s take a focused look at how our unemployment insurance system can provide more than safety-net support, but can also save jobs and create new jobs right away.”

There were no clear indications about a Tier 5 unemployment extension; however, the need for better solutions to the unemployment crisis was discussed. More information will be posted as it is known.


This Blog Is Worthless Without Mentioning Paladinette

For those who don't know, the unemployed have many champions out there fighting hard for a Tier 5 for those who have exhausted their benefits. 

Yesterday, for the very first time we gave a listen to Paladinette (with special guest, Mr. G from  I know, shame on US Unemployed Blogsite for not listening to her radio show yet.  How this blog overlooked this gold mine of a resource is embarrassing.

At any time if you want to contact the editor of this blog:  Email at, Facebook, Twitter, or post a comment below.  Now is not the time for any of us to hold back any information that a fellow unemployed citizen will find useful.  Now is the time for action.

The online radio itself that Paladinette offers is a breath of fresh air.  What radio show that allows everyday, unemployed, scared Americans the opportunity to vent and share their opinions and stories and speak about their own unemployment problems? 

We have all read the heart-breaking stories in text on forums on the Internet about those who are all victims of this Great Recession.  No amount of text can produce what Paladinette is able to capture on her show.  Your fellow unemployed Americans are calling into her show and pouring their hearts out.  It is the belief of this blog that if the President or a member of Congress spent five minutes listening to her radio program - just five minutes - it would change the tone in Washington.  It would change the tone in the media. 

The issue of unemployed Americans losing their homes should not be politicized and Paladinette speaks to this on her show.  Her callers are venting at times but they speak the unvarnished truth.  They speak the truth as it applies to them.  Regardless of political affiliation:  Republican, Democrat, Independent, Liberal, Conservative, Moderate, or No Party - These people are all unemployed Americans.

When you truly listen to the audio of the unemployed sharing their stories and ideas on how Congress is not getting the job done for the Americans who need it most - it tears down the wall of political affiliation. 

Without further delay, listen to her show.  If you are unemployed what else do you have to do?  We know you want to speak out and Paladinette allows this and is a beacon of hope.  Her efforts echo the actions of this blog,,, and all of the other places where people can vent and exercise their right to free speech in this country.  It is a call to action for the unemployed.

Check out her show, more information is at

Once again, US Unemployed Blogsite is embarrassed that this resource was not brought to light for it's readers sooner and it is our hope that if the unemployed hear for themselves the efforts we are all doing - Tier 5 will happen. 

Still waiting for any developing news regarding what comes from the Senate Finance Committee today.  As soon as that information becomes clear, it will be posted.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

UPDATE: NELP Speaks About Public Works Projects

Many long-term unemployed have been waiting for NELP to speak on their behalf.  US Unemployed Blogsite has learned that today, NELP has came out in support of an effort favoring public work projects.  There is also a bill which has been introduced by Rep George Miller called, "Local Jobs for America Act". 

The statement at NELP is posted at and reads:

"Nearly 1-in-10 Americans are out of work at the same time local governments are out of money to fix potholes, hire teachers and a keep cops on the beat.

But we can solve this problem and make our tax dollars do double duty by investing in public jobs that put people back to work. 

President Roosevelt did it during the great depression with the Works Progress Administration. And now progressive champ Rep. George Miller has proposed the Local Jobs for America Act to accomplish the same goal." is asking the unemployed to sign in favor of this bill to help get Americans working again and making money via public works projects. 

The full link is here:

Senate Finance Committee Begins Hearings Tomorrow

As reported by WorldNewsVine, on Wednesday, April 14, 2010, the Senate Finance Committee headed by Senators Max Baucus (D-MT) and Chuck Grassley (R-IA) are scheduled to begin hearings and report testimony on “Using Unemployment Insurance to Help Americans Get Back to Work: Creating Opportunities and Overcoming Challenges" (as titled by the Senate Finance Committee).

The persons scheduled to give testimony are Jane Oates, M. Ed., Assistant Secretary for Employment and Training, United States Department of Labor, Washington D.C., Doug Holmes, JD, President, Strategic Services on Unemployment and Workers Compensation and the National Foundation for Unemployment Compensation & Workers Compensation, Washington D.C., Karen Lee, JD, President, National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA) and Commissioner, Washington State Employment and Security Department, Olympia, WA., and finally Mark Sandi, Ph.D., Chief Economist and Cofounder, Moody’s Analytics, West Chester, VA.

This scheduled hearing is also posted at  This may be the first glimpse that the unemployed see if Congress has the political will for a Tier 5 unemployment extension.  Currently, no legislation has been introduced or being debated which will add additional tiers or additional weeks of benefits for those who have exhausted their benefits. 

The legislation currently being worked on, which will provide another 30-day stopgap measure for those who have not exhausted the current maximum benefit amount and extend dates of eligibility, is speculated to pass this week and be retroactive to the April 5th cutoff date.

We are all hoping that the testimony given tomorrow provides more insight as to what Congress plans to do about the millions of unemployed and the current problems which face the American workforce.

It would be a great benefit for those who have lost their benefits if Issa Decker was there tomorrow to read the petition to Congress which began nearly a month ago.  The petition championed by Decker currently has about 9,000 signatures and is growing rapidly as more attention is brought to it. 

If you have not had a chance to see the petition and would like to sign it, please visit and sign the online petition and let Congress know the need and the urgency for those who have exhausted benefits and still cannot find work. 

We will update you on what happens tomorrow at the committee and C-SPAN should soon update their website to reflect when and which C-SPAN channel will be covering the hearing tomorrow. 

Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's Time For Miracles

For those who have exhausted all 99 available weeks, this week may set the stage for what might come ahead.  The reason there have not been any posts during the Congressional break is the simple fact that there is no news of substance for those who have exhausted benefits.  After careful consideration of all of the news outlets that are reporting on the issue, there are only a few notable sources that are willing to take on the cause for a Tier 5 unemployment extension. 

As some may know, news sources such as World News Vine, Gather, MLive, and the Red, White, & Blue press blog have been the only sources to yet take up the cause for the need for an additional tier of benefits for those who have exhausted all available weeks.  US Unemployed Blogsite applauds these sources for taking up this cause for the unemployed.  If Congress is reading the content from these sources and this blog, those who have exhausted all benefits may have hope. 

The Associated Press and other larger news outlets seem to be identifying the extension which is likely to happen this week as the one and only action needed from Congress.  By definition, what Congress is doing this week is an extension but it is only an extension for those who have not exhausted the current maximum amount of benefits of 99 weeks.  Perhaps these other news outlets are not aware of the needs for creating a Tier 5 or they are too focused on week-by-week politics to address the longstanding issue - but the reports that we have all read during the Easter recess have only addressed the current battle in Congress to extend the current tiers until the end of the year.

We will all be continuing our efforts to petition to Congress, telephone and write our representatives and the news media so that our message is heard. 

Hopefully a brave member of Congress will step forward this week and address the needs of those who still cannot find work and have exhausted all available weeks of benefits.  We cannot make this happen unless we remain relentless in our efforts to make our voices heard now that Congress has returned from their break. 

We must not be discouraged from those who do not understand or feel that they are immune to not having a job and not being able to find a job.  Over the Easter break, we have all been witnesses to those who would call this effort "new welfare" or socialism or call the unemployed "lazy bums".  Those persons simply do not know what it is to be in this situation and they seemingly do not care at all about their fellow citizens who have lost employment through no fault of their own. 

The unemployed need to know that there are millions of others who have their backs on this issue and we will fight until the bitter end to ensure that every person who wants a job can get a job.  Until that time, we will advocate for extensions of unemployment benefits so that a laid off worker in 2008 can continue to collect 1/3 or less of what he or she made when employed so that the basic necessities can be met for those hit hardest in the Great Recession. 

It is time for a miracle for the longest-term unemployed.  Once again, all eyes on Congress and all voices letting them know that the unemployed will be heard.

Please take a brief moment to thank the editor at World News Vine.  We all need to be reading more stories in the news such as this:

Also, Gather is also helping those who seek a Tier 5 by reporting on the grassroots effort that began a month ago.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

It's Going To Be A Long 11 Days...

April 12, 2010 the United States Senate will come back into session and a variety of reports indicate that Harry Reid (D-Nev) will seek cloture on the extension to extend availability of dates for the weeks currently available for EUC (Emergency Unemployment Compensation).  The good news and the news that gives us hope that Congress will take up an additional tier for those who have exhausted benefits are the continued support from those taking action. 

There have been an increased amount of media reports on the longest-term unemployed who have exhausted their benefits.  Several unemployed workers have heard from their Senators that something is "in the works" (although there are no confirmed reports yet).  Additionally, the increased and continued involvement of Americans who recognize the need for a Tier 5 exercising their First Amendment rights to petition to Congress remain strong after an effort that began over a month ago.

We will all continue to be looking for confirmed statements from relevant sources while the United States Senate is in recess for the Easter holiday.  It is our goal at US Unemployed Blogsite to inform the public and take action and continue to provide the resources available for us to get our voices heard. 

As championed by, "The Unemployed Will Be Heard".  Best wishes to everyone in these trying times and there are reasons to keep your spirits up. Although millions of Americans will be without income during this Easter break - everyone should know that the efforts of this blog will not relent until Congress takes action for those hit hardest in this recession. The unemployed and those hit hardest by this recession will not be thrown under the bus.  Everyone is in our thoughts.  Best wishes to all.

Until April 12th, it's going to be a long 11 days...