Monday, May 03, 2010

Free Gas Cards For The Unemployed - Thanks iGuy

Here is the original story on this program not being advertised:

There are some qualifications that must be met to receive the assistance: 

1.  You must currently be receiving unemployment insurance.
2.  You must sign up at the work force offices for job counseling programs.
3.  You must say you have expended all your resources and you need assistance from supportive services. You must say you need gas money to get to a potential job site or money for new clothes for an interview or assistance with rent or food.

The keyword seems to be to ask for Supportive Services.

You must ask for the assistance specifically to receive the assistance.  Thanks iGuy for your clarification.  Is there anyone out there currently receiving assistance from this program that can offer advice for those who are seeking assistance from this program?  Any other information is greatly appreciated and this resource may be useful to some (unless you have exhausted all unemployment benefits). 
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