Friday, May 21, 2010

Root Cause Of Voters' Revolt: Congress, Obama, & GOP Ignore 11 Million Jobless

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Key Quotes: 
The revolt across the political landscape on Tuesday against incumbents wasn’t just an attack against the Washington establishment, but an outpouring of rage against political elites of all stripes who haven’t realized the economic crisis still gripping American workers. As Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor of The Nation, asks sensibly enough, “Why isn’t our government doing more to put people back to work? ”

And as Christine Owens, Executive Director of the National Employment Law Project, observes,”There remains a dark underbelly of long-term joblessness that puts genuine recovery still very far off. Between the jobs we have lost since the recession began and growth in the working age population, we have a deficit of roughly 11 million jobs–a hole it will take many more months and years of strong job growth to fill. [This week's] jobs report is an encouraging one, but the story remains a tale of two cities – even as jobs return for some, the picture is growing more grim for many who remain unemployed.”

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