Thursday, May 13, 2010

Michigan Unemployment Rate 14.1% - Total Jobless In Michigan: 1.4 Million And They Need #Tier5

According to the United States Census Bureau, Population Division and the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, and Wikipedia, the State of Michigan has a total population of 9,969,727 and an unemployment rate at 14.1% (underemployment is much higher). 

This state, like many others, has numbers comparable to the Great Depression unemployment numbers.  But worse if you factor conditions such as population and take the percentages out of the equation and look at the total number of people affected.  There are at least 1.4 Million unemployed in the State of Michigan.  Or to be more specific, 1,405,732, at least.

The two United States Senators from this state are Debbie Stabenow and Carl Levin.  Their contact information is located here:

The voting record for these two Senators has always been in favor of the unemployed.  This is one of the main reasons why so many millions of unemployed who have exhausted their benefits are looking to these Senators for action.  (And not just the unemployed from the State of Michigan are asking for the support of Tier 5 Unemployment).  Many others who feel they do not have representation in the state they are in are also seeking assistance from all Senators.

Tier 5 Unemployment Insurance is a necessity that many jobless Americans are continuing to band together and fight for each day.  For more information to join the efforts of these campaigns, please see the campaigns for Tier 5 Unemployment at the top right corner of this blog on the sidebar. 

Information will be updated as it is known.

Unemployed in Michigan are sharing resources in the following arenas: - Michigan Forum

Four Pillars Forum - Unemployment Benefits Extension

Once again, if anyone else knows of another resource where Michigan residents are sharing resources, please post the information in comments so that anyone who stumbles upon this information by search engine has the information. 

This is the link to Michigan's Department of Energy, Labor, and Economic Growth
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