Sunday, May 02, 2010

Advocacy For The Long Term Unemployed

As many are still faxing their resumes to Congress this weekend and also on Monday, more and more sources are becoming available for the long-term unemployed to get their voices heard. We are all witnesses to inaction from government and everyone is doing the absolute best effort to make sure the needs of the long term unemployed are not just heard, but also met. For too many who were caught in the wake of this Great Recession, homelessness beckons or has already happened. There are complete strangers offering all they can give to their fellow jobless (including a room or couch in their homes - I have personally seen this outreach on unemployed-friends and other forums). The compassion Americans show for one another is unmatched around the globe.

The unemployed may not have enough money for their fellow citizens but we do have enough hope and prayers for everyone. We are organizing in ways that no one in the beginning of this disaster could have imagined we would ever need to do. The results of that organization are yielding deserved respect and an increased acknowledgement from various media outlets and a few members of Congress.

This progress signals to everyone that the time to stop this campaign is not now. Now is the time to increase the campaign. Now is the time to continue letting members of Congress know we are real people in need of assistance and the need for that assistance was yesterday, and the day before that, and the week before that, and the months before that.  Now is now past-due.

The unemployed left standing have chosen to stand strong. We choose to advocate for others who cannot speak for themselves due to personal reasons and/or the poverty that comes with joblessness. We have chosen to unite for the greater good and we have chosen to do all that we can for ourselves and our citizens who have fallen deeper into poverty.

This is why this blog is introducing its readers to "Advocacy For The Long Term Unemployed"

Information on the AFLTU can be found at

Please take a moment to join this group and continue to stay connected with the other groups out there for the best information and to help pool our resources. The mission statement for the AFLTU is simple and the goals are clear. Membership is just as easy as It will be an additional resource for the unemployed who are seeking information to utilize as our efforts grow and we all become more organized for quick response to political activism and providing information to everyone who is unemployed or underemployed.

Please readers keep faxing your MAYDAY SOS messages to Congress. Keep contacting your Representatives. Continue banging down the door of the smaller media outlets that are doing what they can do to help us sort out the day-by-day ruckus.  Most importantly, keep your spirits as high as you can - the unemployed will endure this.

The unemployed will be heard.
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