Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Message For Tier 5 Activists From Issa Decker - Anyone Near D.C. That Can Help?

If you are participating in the online petition at, "The 99ers Need A Tier 5", the following message is from Issa Decker:

I NEED YOUR HELP, especially people in the Washington, D.C.  area or close enough to get there. The petition reached its first big milestone at 25,000, and I’d like to use the occasion on our behalf. As you know the petition is sent out every time a person signs. However it doesn’t show the total number of signatures on the emails.

I’m proposing that I print out all the signatures and ask for volunteers to hand deliver them to Congress. There will be 750 pages. It would be wonderful if there were at least a small crowd because we’ll be trying to get some media coverage.

As of now, the target date is May 18, but that could change. Congress will leave for summer recess on May 27, and the word is that they will vote on the unemployment deadline extension before then. We want them to include us in that bill.

I’ll try to coordinate this from California. I’ve set up a special email account for this project at Please email me if you can participate and include your phone number, town, and state. I’ll contact you as place and time firm up.

Keep looking at the DELIVER PETITION TO WASHINGTON page of our website at for updated information.

1. I got angry last night and posted another petition on I can’t believe our government is about to send bailout money to the Greece and to Spain but they can’t help us because there’s no money.
2. Paladinette will be away for a week so I will to post some news articles that I see, on the NEWS page of our website.
3. Our media/Congress campaign continues to show signs it’s working!
MSNBC wants to hear from those who have been unemployed for over a year. Please, please, please tell your story at
If they are flooded with stories, the flood itself becomes part of the story.

Also, tell them about the petition and ask them to publish the link, the
shorter link at is probably best. People can sign there now, too. You might want to keep a copy of your story and send it to other media outlets and online news. It would be good to send them to the senators, too.

We made CNN!
I know from your messages to me that there are many of you who are faxing and emailing the media and Congress day after day. To you I say, “Thank you.” The more of us who keep at this, the faster we’ll see money coming in.


This was the full message sent from Issa.  Please spread the word about this and hopefully someone who is in D.C. (or surrounding area) can help the cause.  This blog is just helping spread the word.  If you signed the petition, you should have received an email but this information is too public to be tucked away into email.  Let's get it posted front and center for everyone. 
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