Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Florida Unemployment Rate 12.3% - 2.3 Million Jobless Floridians Depending On Tier 5 Unemployment Extensions

The United States Census Bureau and Google, Inc. report the population of Florida at 18,537,969.  Based on the data collected from the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, this would put the number of jobless Floridians at 2,280,170 or 2.3 Million simplified. 

Of course not all of these jobless have had benefits expire which means that not all are in the position like millions others yet of needing action from the federal government.  But the raw data number is nearly 2.5 Million (if not more) who are currently unemployed.  How confident are you that three million jobs can be created in the state of Florida before the current benefits expire? 

Numerous economists have given testimony to Congress that it may take years for the job market to recover to pre-Great Recession numbers.  Based on that knowledge and based on the reality of the situation, I would say that jobless should have 100% confidence that number is correct.

The numbers are horrible.  The unemployment numbers are horrible throughout the country but these numbers in Florida are way too high for any member of Congress to politicize the issue.  Congress, these Floridians need your help.  They, like all jobless in America, not only deserve at least a fair job market to compete but they most importantly need their continuing flow of assistance from Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC).  This recession is not of their making.  They did not choose these conditions for being unemployed - but they did choose you to represent them. 

Senator Bill Nelson, will you step up to the plate on this issue and work double duty for the great citizens of Florida?  We acknowledge the fact that Senator George LeMieux is not addressing the needs of the unemployed in Florida by grandstanding on the issue of unemployment extensions (of all things to grandstand against) but Senator the inaction and the fact that so many have fallen off of their safety net and are facing foreclosure, credit default, and other financial calamities is making it seem that you do not care either.  Despite your voting record for the extensions, there are three million Floridians who feel insecure about the situation to begin and inaction or slow action from government brings them no security. 

Please pass legislation to extend the dates of availability of tiers through the end of the year and also extend the maximum benefit amount beyond the current maximum of 99 weeks for this state.  Do so quickly - this is truly an emergency and there are so many counting on you to do this quickly.  The fact that Americans were even subject to losing their unemployment benefits is a red flag to the unemployed that the government has failed them. 

Each day this passes is a day that Senate Democrats lose the credibility that this issue is truly an emergency and deserves emergency funding.  There has to be a way to get legislation passed for these Americans with or without the support of Congressional Republicans.  Too many lives of honest Americans are at stake and think about the children of those honest Americans.  How do you expect us to ever believe that we can resolve the issues of future generations of Americans if we cannot adequately care for Americans today?

If you are in the State of Florida, there are several sources for you to gather and socialize with other unemployed Floridians who can share resources and pertinent information.  If you have stumbled upon this blog by search engine or are not aware of these resources, you may find these links useful:

Four Pillars Forum - Florida Unemployment Benefit Extension - 20 More Weeks

Unemployed-Friends.com Forum - Florida

If anyone knows of any other sources for these Floridians, please post the link in the comments.  There does not seem to be a Facebook Group specific to the needs of Florida.  If someone were to decide to create a group or blog or anything of that fashion this blog would certainly post that information so persons know.

The official page for the State of Florida to file an unemployment claim and to see relevant information for your state is:  http://www.floridajobs.org/unemployment

Here is a contact sheet for Floridians, or all jobless in America, to contact their elected officials in Washington, D.C.:  http://tier5.webs.com/senatecongressionalcontacts.htm

The need for a Tier 5 Unemployment Extension is real and the need for that extension is now.
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