Saturday, May 08, 2010

George LeMieux: Resign Now. No Need To Finish Your Term. Go.

Florida:  "The Sunshine State" 
Current known unemployment rate in Florida:  12.3% (based on March numbers).  We all know that the April numbers went up nationally to 9.9%.  As we currently know, Florida is 5th in the nation as far as having the highest unemployment rate.  Yet, extending unemployment benefits to jobless without a lifeline is not an emergency?  There will be no future generations to worry about if the needs of this generation cannot be met.  That's true for every state - not just Florida.

Perhaps the name of the program should be changed then to:  We Know Its Going To Happen Unemployment Compensation?

Instead of, EUC (Emergency Unemployment Compensation).

LeMieux is being a hypocrite through and through.  He's in the Senate Chamber harping on Pay As You Go rules, yet he did not vote in favor of those same rules.  He voted in favor of countless other things that were not emergencies though in his tenure.  If anyone even cares to know his voting record, it's here: is a neat little website by the way to easily see what your senator has voted "Yay" or "Nay". 

How can anyone in good conscience (leaving the Senate or not) not favor extending unemployment benefits when you are supposed to be representing a state that has over 12% unemployment.  And we all know that figure is questionable and underemployment is much higher than that. Floridians should start a campaign to demand that he retire early.  He should resign now.

Democrats have no choice.  Like it or not they are going to have to pick up the careless slack from their colleagues and they are going to have to do it at a faster pace.  Too many legislative bills on the table?  Omnibus it.  Get it done.  At least Max Baucus made his statement that he believed 99 weeks was enough representing a state that has 7.1% unemployment. 

Baucus will yield to Majority Leader Harry Reid.  Nevada still has the #2 spot with 13.4% unemployment.  At this point, Democrats should introduce a bill called the "Fix America Now Act".  Have it include everything on the calendar this year.  This piecemeal approach is only bringing more uncertainty to persons uncertain enough as it is. 

Jobless Floridians without a lifeline already knew this story but it was needed to be published.  The rest of America needs to know what Floridians are going through.  A lame duck Congressman.  A dead-beat Governor who should have signed the bills pertaining to unemployment the second he got them. 

Let Charlie Crist see the United States Senate when hell freezes over, Florida.
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