Saturday, May 15, 2010

Please Help @WorldNewsVine Hand Deliver the 99er Petition For #Tier5 #Unemployment

Just wanted to make a single post that has a quick link directly to the donation site. 

If you do not have the means to donate, we all understand.  If you do have a dollar or two to spare, please donate the money to WorldNewsVine using PayPal at:

You will see a Donate Here button

This is a secure, PayPal donation page.  If you can donate any small amount, from what I have learned you are helping fund the printing of 5,400 pages (that's 6 copies, 900 pages each) for a reporter from WorldNewsVine to hand deliver the 99er petition directly to Congress.  Also, it is my understanding that the reporter will be asking more information about extending the weeks and letting Congress know the urgency of this. 

This reporter has the clearance to get directly in the halls of Congress and has essentially agreed to lobby for those seeking a Tier 5 - he just needs gas money to get there and back.  Issa had stated the reporter will be traveling 600 miles each way.  Help if you can and please spread the word.  Donations are time sensitive.
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