Monday, March 28, 2011

Latest Updates From Readers

This section is dedicated for the latest updates from readers.

If you know information that needs to be communicated to the unemployed in the United States, please post below in comments.  The latest in news seems to be depressing in the way of extending jobless benefits to the long term unemployed and that has been the reason for not posting updates lately.

It has always been the opinion of the writer that if there is no news of substance to not post anything - the situation for too many millions of Americans is too serious to post something false or misguide the public on information.  Sadly, there are too many "sources" that feel differently and when there is no news - some decide to make news of situations that simply will not happen.  As much as everyone would love for some of these stories to be true it is not useful to read what we want to hear. 

A million sources could tell you what you want to hear but if it turns out to not be true how do you feel about those so-called sources down the road?  This blog is going to a comment-only forum until important announcements need to be communicated.  Thank you readers for your contributions and best wishes on finding employment.