Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Eve Of Tier 5 Petition Delivery - Michael Thornton, Rochester Unemployment Examiner Helps As Always Reporting Where This Effort Is

This article sums up where we are at this point:  Tier 5: Sen. Reid’s office: will explore long term unemployed policies after passage of H.R. 4213  (Michael Thornton, Rochester Unemployment Examiner). 

The direction that seems to be most likely is the passage of HR 4213 first so that the persons unemployed on current tiers get their extension through the end of the year.  And I'm glad of that.  After thinking about it, if this bill were to get ping-ponged back and forth to add weeks for those who have exhausted weeks, it might slow down the process for those who have benefits expiring on June 2nd.  We must be mindful of that group of unemployed persons as well because so many in that group who have not exhausted benefits yet are helping those who have exhausted benefits with our cause to get a Tier 5!

Congress might not have met the deadline and left many more expiring their benefits if HR 4213 was held up even longer.

With that said, just like the rest of you out there.  I hope that Senator Reid takes up the need for a Tier 5 or extending the weeks on current tiers immediately after HR 4213 is law.  We are continuing to send our messages and contact our elected representatives.  Until there is a bill introduced, Congress will not see any relief from the jobless who have exhausted benefits and who are advocating for a Tier 5. 

No matter what Tier 5 campaign that exists - it is still alive and well and participation is much appreciated.

We are still waiting for the results of the meeting this Thursday (tomorrow) at 2PM that Issa Decker and Robert Grone are having with Mr. Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader.  Everyone in the cause for a Tier 5 is hoping to get some type of statement on the record and most importantly, get a bill on the floor!

More information as it is known will be posted and the continuation of the Jobless In America series of articles for all of the states will be continued.  Also, everyone should be aware that the efforts of so many advocates for Tier 5 was noted in the Huffington Post.  HuffPo can bring us more media coverage if they continue to cover the story.  Here is that article also released today:
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