Sunday, May 16, 2010

More Than Half Way There For WorldNewsVine Goal To Deliver 99er Petition - #Tier5

This post is an update for those interested in the cause to get the 99er petition to Congress with some help from WorldNewsVine. 

Amount Raised as of 5/16/10 - 10:39 am EST – $674.30 with 74 donators

The target goal for this fund raising is $1,000.00 based on these expenses: 

-Cost of the round trip from up state NY to D.C.
-Cost of printing and binding six copies, 900 pages each.
-Cost that PayPal deducts from each transaction for the person receiving the payment. 
 **PayPal does charge a per transaction fee and a percentage. 

When it is all said and done, it very well could end up being just over $800 or so to WorldNewsVine and the remainder to PayPal for their services.  However, we need their services to transfer funds quickly and securely over the Internet.  Also, appointments must be made in advance or members of Congress will not meet with the emissary.  The plan is to make appointments on Monday if the goal for fund-raising is met.

Members of Congress will meet with the emissary and the goal was to have this done this upcoming week.
It has came to the attention of this blogger that many are not getting information that they are requesting and Issa has a fairly new Yahoo! email address.  There are a lot of potential donors out there perhaps who are requesting more information and are not donating yet because they have not received a reply from email.  It is understandable to not make a donation to any cause without getting the information that you request.  Issa Decker's inbox was flooded and in an attempt to bulk mail responses to persons, it seems that there were a lot of email messages that were marked as spam by Yahoo!.

In the event you might have received a response, please check your spam folder (just in case). 

You may have better luck getting information from Issa here:

This is the forum that Issa is using to keep persons up to date.  Her last post on that forum indicated that she was exhausted and would be trying to get back to everyone as soon as possible.  This forum was also what she used to indicate the problems with bulk emailing replies to everyone.  There is a lot of information at this forum from Issa and she updates information throughout the day.

Some of the questions people may have may be answered already in the comment section of the WorldNewsVine article here:  or they may be posted here:

If your question has not yet been answered and that is keeping you from donating, please post a question to either forum and that might be a faster way to get a response.  Or you may post your question in comments here and perhaps I know the answer or can get you the answer in a timely manner.

Now is not the time to distrust someone - donations are time sensitive.  Issa Decker is a laid off teacher in California and WorldNewsVine is the source many of the long term unemployed have relied on for accurate information.  WNV was one of the first and still one of the only sources even reporting on the need for Tier 5 UI assistance.  They would not ask for a penny more than what is needed.  We must also be aware that there are those who are watching our transparent and grassroots effort to get this done who would try to divide us and/or raise doubt of the intentions of someone.  Do not let these persons have a chance.

Avoid places where there are comment sections where the "trolls" seem to dwell, if you can.

Please trust WorldNewsVine.  In the digital age it is so easy to not trust someone or a cause that is 100% genuine.  This effort is 100% genuine and is deserving of respect from anyone who wants to get their voices heard to Congress as soon as possible.  If we cannot meet the goal before midnight, WorldNewsVine is still going to deliver the petition.  However, they cannot schedule the appointment with Congress until the issue of finance is addressed.  It is a procedural circumstance and WorldNewsVine must obey protocol.

They need the money in this short timeframe so that they can guarantee an appointment with Congress before the upcoming vote.  We all realize how short notice this is and we all realize that so many are in poverty now.  It really is shameful that the unemployed and underemployed are even having to raise one cent for this. 

Once again, do not donate if you are down to your last dollar.  Be "penny wise". 

This is a style of lobbying, though.  Consider this as hiring a lobbyist to advocate for additional weeks for unemployment.  Or if you live in a state such as where I am, Tennessee, where you have two Senators who are worthless to the unemployed but their states have nearly 10% unemployment, I consider it paying a temporary representative for the jobless in my state. 

My apologies to the entire nation for Bob Corker and Lamar Alexander - I did not vote for them.  I will not vote for them in the future.  I will help campaign against them and support whoever is not them in the next election cycle when these incumbents are up for re-election.  It has nothing to do with their political affiliation and everything to do with their lack of support to help one single unemployed person in the State of Tennessee.  Doing nothing and voting "Nay" to everything does not equal help. 

New Yorkers should be proud of Senators Gillibrand and Schumer.  At least they are on the record in favor of extending the dates and weeks.  That information and indication of support is some comfort.  There are plenty of other Senators who are offering the jobless in their states NO comfort. 

More information will be posted as it is known and more clear.  Please visit those two forums where you can read and/or post your own comments.  That's where the information is on this initiative is located at the moment.  Thanks everyone.
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