Monday, May 24, 2010

Tier 5 Advocates Plan Media Blitz Today For All Week Plea To Ed Schultz, MSNBC

Monday, May 24, 2010 an organized effort to contact the Ed Show and inform the show that there is a desperate need for a Tier 5 Unemployment Extension.  Mention the petition that was formally submitted to Congress.  The full details of the formal presentation of the 99er petition is posted at WorldNewsVine at:

For those who have not had a chance to read this article, it is the official account from Robert Grone, Editor/Owner of WorldNewsVine.  Please visit that article for detailed information about the 99er petition that was submitted to the Congressional record and will be in the Library of Congress. 

For those who do not know, Ed Schultz is a political commentator on a nationally syndicated radio program and also does a show on MSNBC News.  He's widely respected and it's quite possible his show may have interest in the plight of the long term unemployed.  Tier 5 Advocates are attempting to make an organized plea for assistance.  To help participate, I plan to contact the Ed Show by all methods of contact. 

Contact Information for the Ed Show: 

US Mail:            The Ed Schultz Show, 417 38th St. SW Suite F,  Fargo, ND 58103-2312       

If you are on Facebook, please RSVP to this organized event at: so the unemployed who are participating know our numbers who are helping spread this message. 

So far there are 13 confirmed who have RSVP'd and 8 persons who may participate. 

We realize that some of you may be on your last leg and frustration is not the word best used to describe the persons who have exhausted all benefits.  Frustration passed for many a month or so ago.  Please remember, our strength has always been in our numbers.  It was the numbers on that petition that caused a representative from to state for the record that the 99er petition is the most popular, truly grassroots petition to Congress ever done that was created by an individual. 

That alone and the increase in signatures daily is news worthy.

You may contact the Ed Show anytime this week.  Telephone may be the strongest way tool we can do. 

Call 1-877-934-6833
(Toll Free)   Call anytime during the day and all week long. 

If for whatever reason you cannot call by telephone, please send an email or regular mail to the address above.  Or contact the Ed Show using all methods of contact if you can!  Have a prepared statement with the facts such as for when they ask why you are calling simply tell them...

H.R. 4213 does nothing for millions of jobless Americans and mention the submitted formal 99er petition to Congress and no action has been taken on this issue after months of calling, emailing, and faxing members of Congress and the President.  Also please mention the millions in Texas who were excluded from federal funding on the last unemployment extension and you feel that if Congress has the money to send to the unemployed in Greece they should find the money for the unemployed in America.  So many millions of lives in this country depend on a Tier 5 Unemployment Extension.

If nothing else, please feel free to copy and paste that above paragraph and send Ed Schultz an email about this. (Or anyone in the media you see fit).   Feel free to customize the message above however you want and send it off.  Our goal is not to necessarily have a uniform for our message but we should all keep the message on topic and to the point with factual information for the staff of the show to easily verify.

Our strength is in our numbers.
  If each and every one of my daily readers can please participate in this we might make a difference to MSNBC.  Do not forget that MSNBC recently covered  This media network does have an interest in the unemployed and the cause for a true extension of available weeks for unemployed benefits is very important.  Extreme cases of poverty beckon without Congressional action. 

Ask the operator to do a quick Google search on all of the persons on the Internet mentioning the need for a Tier 5 Unemployment Extension.  Mention the fact there are many blogs and this need has been reported by many news outlets.  Remember, you are not alone by taking this act of courage to contact the Ed Show. 

Do whatever you need to do to make the case and plea for a Tier V Unemployment Extension

There are many more participating who just have not had a chance to RSVP to the event yet or who do not have a Facebook account.  We have seen different names on multiple forums pledge to participate.  Please readers, make some noise this week.  You will also see this same organized effort on all of the unemployment blogs today because we all realize that our strength is our numbers to make an impact. 

Do not forget when mentioning to the Ed Show that Tom Coburn, the Republican Senator from Oklahoma promised the long term unemployed an additional 4 weeks of assistance (totaling 103 weeks) back in March and also said that number would be extended even further.  This quote was all over the Internet and MSNBC reported on this.  Yet, Senator Coburn will not introduce the legislation for this and Congressional leaders are letting millions of Americans slip further into poverty. This quote is real, to the long term unemployed who still cannot find work that comment counted as a promise yet the jobless who have exhausted all tiers need this assistance as an emergency.
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