Friday, April 30, 2010


Today our efforts unite to fax our resume's to Congress. 

That is the single, most important effort we can do over the weekend.  Let's stay united and let's stay focused.

Quick update about Representative McDermott,
It has been brought to my attention that some people may have been having problems posting comments to that YouTube video posted by Jim McDermott.  He owns the content.  He can disable comments at any time.  Just for the public record.  I wanted to log the comments thus far:

  • RICHIE0619 Sir why would you intentionally mislead all of us that have been unemployed the longest. We all are still suffering many of us will lose oyr homes cars and credit standing. and this is through no fault of our own. Wall street and deregulation killed main street, and now wall street is boasting record profits and they got billions in bail out and tarp money. But we the majority and working class of America have no one representing our plight . Please introduce an amendment or bill for tier 5! 3 hours ago

  • 99erneedstier5 Representative why did you change? The longest and hardest hit of unemployed need help. How are we to even get to an interview if we don't have money to put gas in the car because we've lost assistance? Sir what is up 4 hours ago

  • olli19655 Rep McDermott.. with all due respect why did you change the title of your video? The problem still exist. Hundreds of thousands no longer receive benefits and were are in dire need of additional assistance 14 hours ago

  • tammylbass This has been flagged as spam show hide   (NOT SPAM, SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN FLAGGED) 
    Representative McDermott WHATS WITH THE TITLE CHANGE???? YOU DROPPED A TIER 5 part ! WHAT'S THE STORY???? Exhaustees are IN DIRE NEED!!! Not Spam 15 hours ago

  • the60sKid Representative McDermott WHATS WITH THE TITLE CHANGE???? YOU DROPPED A TIER 5 part ! WHAT'S THE STORY???? Exhaustees are IN DIRE NEED!!! 15 hours ago

  • serbellam Dear Mr. McDermott: you are one of the few politicians I actually respect and admire in Washington. You have always championed the cause of unemployed people. Why did you change the title of this video? Millions of exhaustees and soon to be exhaustees are probably wondering the exact same thing. 2 16 hours ago

  • ClearPolitics2012 Really, McDermott, why the title change? @usunemployed was right on this one. This video was originally titled,  "Rep. Jim McDermott on Tier 5 Unemployment Extension" and was changed to what it is now. What the heck??? 16 hours ago

  • jonnylingerie Bravo! Tier 5 is a joke...don't expect it to go anywhere. 16 hours ago

  • usunemployed Representative McDermott - there are too many witnesses that saw your original title to this video. It was misleading. There are too many Americans out there struggling due to inaction of government.

    More confusion does not help. Please make your stand on the issue clear. Your video was originally titled "Rep. McDermott on Tier 5 Unemployment Extension". Why did you change your title?
    2 16 hours ago

  • usunemployed There's an audience of persons unemployed who are curious as to why you titled your video "Rep. Jim McDermott on Tier 5 Unemployment Extension".

    Please, Representative, will you issue a press statement specifically on extending the weeks available on UI and indicate support so that the longest term-unemployed have more information? Do you plan to offer an amendment to HR 4213?

    People want more information as soon as possible.
    3 1 day ago

    These comments are extremely respectful.  There's no reason (other than his embarrassment) that Rep. McDermott would disable comments - but since some people reported having an issue posting their comments, I wanted to place on the record what comments exist (in the event the comments get deleted). 

    Do not get too distracted with the stunt from McDermott - all we want are answers.  Focus attention on Faxing resume's to Congress this weekend and on Monday, May 3rd. 

    Google Newsreel is running for breaking stories.  There are great links on the sidebar to check out.  This blogger is taking a back seat for the rest of the day.  We need to focus on the MAYDAY SOS FAX ATTACK Campaign.  Too much time and energy has been placed into that "cyber march" on Washington for us to not take advantage of the opportunity to be heard. 

    If you get a busy signal on a fax, keep trying!  That busy signal represents your fellow unemployed sending out a MAYDAY to Congress. 
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