Sunday, May 09, 2010

Issa Decker Strikes Again #Tier5 Unemployment

US Unemployed Blogsite has learned that Issa Decker, creator of the infamous 99er petition, has started another online petition.  The link to the petition is here:

Visiting the actual petition page will give you access to share the petition with as many as you can. 

I need to be clear with my readers, I realize there are plenty of other petitions out there, including one started by this blog.  But not one with as many signatures as the 99er petition.  Issa Decker, you have made a name for yourself with these petitions and many thanks for that and an equal amount of thanks for the more than 25,000 Americans who have taken part in that petition thus far. 

We need to keep the numbers strong on the 99er petition.  If you signed that petition in the beginning, it sent out letters to only your members of Congress.  It's worth signing again as that petition now sends out multitudes of letters to members of Congress.  The efforts of so many are going to make Tier 5 UI Assistance a reality. 

Thanks to everyone for doing what you do for this cause. 

Issa may not have realized it at the time but when that petition was started, a strong political movement was also started.  Campaigns to get Congress to take action spread like a wild fire.  After awhile, several news outlets began reporting on those who have exhausted all benefits. 

We cannot yet claim a victory.  But all of us can claim recognition for taking part in these campaigns.  Victory is on the horizon as the long term unemployed cannot be ignored forever.
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