Thursday, December 23, 2010

Those collecting unemployment benefits are noticing a $25 decrease in their check

If you are actively receiving unemployment benefits or have been affected by the slow action of Congress to extend unemployment insurance benefits, you may have recently noticed that the extra $25 per check is no longer available.  This program was called the FAC (Federal Additional Compensation) and was included in the Recovery Act.  This added benefit was not renewed in the tax cut bill which also extends unemployment benefit for 13 months.  The latest extension does not reauthorize the full force of ARRA and this, sadly, is a consequence. 

This is a question that I have received by email from readers and after researching the matter it seemed appropriate to share with everyone.  The Extended Benefits package from the Recovery Act is the only part of the stimulus that still remains.  The Extended Benefits provision allows for persons to continue to receive unemployment assistance after they have exhausted the maximum amount of unemployment tiers (depending on their state's) unemployment rate.

Warm wishes to the readers and contributors of this blog.   Your continued input has helped unite and provide valuable information to all of the unemployed unable to find work this year.  Just because Congress has abandoned the needs of the unemployed, everyone has proven to stand by each other even though we all know it's bitter cold, gas prices are rising, the economy is getting better for some, and there's not enough hands reaching out to lift people up. 

This Christmas this blog wishes that the government sees the needs for more hands up and doesn't look upon those as just having a hand out.  It's the wish that the relentless pursuit of the 99er movement continues on to other issues relating to employment issues as more and more jobless gain employment.  It doesn't have to all just end - there's always a cause.  Let's start with employer discrimination from hiring unemployed workers.

Can we raise the federal minimum wage yet?  What... they got a tax cut that will cost everyone who is re-entering the job market close to $500 billion in revenue that could have been used to pay down the debt.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Will Obama Notice 11th Hr Unemployment "99er" Bill?

Will Obama Notice 11th Hr Unemployment "99er" Bill?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tax cuts and unemployment insurance reauthorization become law [video] - National Political Buzz |

Tax cuts and unemployment insurance reauthorization become law [video] - National Political Buzz |

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Obama says no tax cuts for the rich without an extension of jobless benefits - National Political Buzz |

Obama says no tax cuts for the rich without an extension of jobless benefits - National Political Buzz |

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Vote Today Fails To Get 2/3 Of The House

The US House of representatives failed to receive a super majority vote today under suspension of the rules to extend HR 4213 for another three months.  FIREDOGLAKE also has the vote today tallied at 258-154 (falling shy of the 2/3 needed under suspension of the rules).  This bill was brought quickly to the floor and just announced yesterday.

With a vote of 258-154 in the House the bill is certain to pass the House of Representatives soon but no one knows how long the wait will be in the United States Senate or if they will be able to meet the deadline that is counting down on the right panel of this blog.  More information as it is known will be posted.

There is no indication whatsoever that additional weeks of unemployment will ever be added beyond the maximum possible amount of 99 weeks.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

House Democrats Push For 3 Month Extension Of Unemployment Benefits - No Tier 5

WASHINGTON -- House Democrats on Wednesday introduced a bill to prevent two million people from losing their unemployment benefits during the holidays.

Congress has until the end of the month to reauthorize federally-funded unemployment benefits currently supporting five million long-term jobless (practically, they have just until Friday because of a Thanksgiving break next week). If the federal benefits are allowed to lapse, waves of people will prematurely stop receiving them, with two million people facing a cutoff by the end of the year.

Full story:

Friday, November 05, 2010

Obama pushes for extension of jobless benefits as weekly claims rise - The Hill's On The Money

Obama pushes for extension of jobless benefits as weekly claims rise - The Hill's On The Money

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

American Unemployed are "Mad as Hell" at being ignored - San Diego Unemployment |

American Unemployed are "Mad as Hell" at being ignored - San Diego Unemployment |

Friday, October 22, 2010

CBS 60 Minutes Scheduled To Report On Unemployment and the "99ers"

CBS News will be airing a piece on the unemployed in the country and the "99ers" this Sunday, October 24, at 7PM EST.  Check your local listings.  Below is a clip from what will be aired:

Here is the program note from CBS website: 
Even after an extension of unemployment benefits to 99 weeks, many of those about to go off the program are in a quandary. Scott Pelley talks to some of them in California's Silicon Valley. Sunday, Oct. 24, 7 p.m. ET/PT.

Read more:;cbsCarousel#ixzz1352H3a3L

99ers and the unemployed who will soon lose federal extensions will hopefully get much more needed prime time, mainstream press. 

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Chamber of Commerce to all unemployed: 'Quit whining' about outsourcing

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Foreclosure’s of Millions Unemployed in Question; Legality of Titles Challenged - Detroit job search |

Foreclosure’s of Millions Unemployed in Question; Legality of Titles Challenged - Detroit job search |

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sign This Petition!!!! The Americans Want to Work Act (S.3706) Tier 5 and Jobs Bill.....

Petitions by|Start a Petition »

Grassroot unemployment groups form a "GOVOTE" campaign, for November 2 elections - Detroit job search |

Grassroot unemployment groups form a "GOVOTE" campaign, for November 2 elections - Detroit job search |

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Food safety, middle-class tax cuts, extending aid to jobless remain ’held hostage’ by GOP - Nashville DNC |

Food safety, middle-class tax cuts, extending aid to jobless remain ’held hostage’ by GOP

Friday, August 27, 2010

No News But Speculation - So Why Say Anything?

Since the inception of this blog, it has always been the intent to provide readers with useful information.

As I see the number of readers who come here daily in search of insight - I feel I owe you guys at least the news of... there is no news.  There may be more news relevant to help the unemployed in the coming weeks but not at this time.

The easiest post in the world for me to write would be a post that would further divide people.  That's not the intent of this blog nor has it ever been.  With that in mind, I wish all of my readers well.  I invite you to keep to the facts and not to the speculation.  The facts still remain that nothing is on the schedule for Tier 5 unemployment.  It is fact that two bills have been introduced.  It is also fact that the two bills are so contradictory in nature that either they were each written from opposite ends of the universe or the bills are earmarked to provide a middle ground of the two or simply not be passed - at least until after the midterm elections.

My fellow Americans, if you are unemployed through no fault of your own and are desperately seeking a job - you are a victim of American politics.  Politicians have made the issue whether or not unemployed persons should receive extended federal aid at all VS. no government assistance whatsoever.

Why is it easy to give money to persons overseas?  Haitians do not vote.  Iraqis do not vote.  (At least not in this country unless they are registered US citizens).

The case has been made for a Tier 5 and it might have been made so well that it could be used as a campaign issue this fall.  In fact, I would bet artificial non-existent Internet money that it will.  But that again would be speculation.... see?  Any direction one wants to write about the issue is speculation and not factual.  It's just not useful to engage in this.  People want answers - not opinions that may or may not bear any substance. 

Everyone is in my thoughts and prayers to have a job by this Labor Day.  Everyone deserves the right to a job.  I will not mention his name because each time his name is mentioned he receives exactly what he wants - attention and money.  However that person will be in full protest at the Lincoln Memorial and will likely dominate headlines for weeks to come or at least throughout the weekend.  All over his special interests which constitute less than 2% of the American population. 

The headlines should be reading more about you guys and what can we do to fix the problems. 

Friday, August 13, 2010

Fired up, ready to protest | Fired up, mad as hell (video) - Nashville DNC

Fired up, ready to protest | Fired up, mad as hell (video) - Nashville DNC

August 12 Recap - Unemployed Workers Rally In NYC

This posting is in recognition of all of those who protested yesterday in New York City on behalf of the unemployed who have exhausted all benefits.  (Better known as 99ers).  In case you missed the Ed Schultz show, this was what was reported about the protest with remarks from unemployed Americans seeking assistance: 

Thank God for Ed Schultz.  But why does he have to be one of the only figures in cable news lobbying for the 99ers?  It just seems that more press coverage is being given to the idiot flight attendant who quit his job in a dramatic scene when millions of Americans would love to have that job.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Senator Stabenow Introduces Legislation For 99ers Seeking A Tier 5 Unemployment Insurance Extension

, someone in the United States Senate is doing something for the 99ers.

In case you missed it, Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI), stated the following on the Ed Schultz Show tonight. 
"I'm introducing legislation with a number of Democratic sponsors, Senator Schumer is the main co-sponsor, and this bill will do two things:  Extend the unemployment insurance benefits for those who have exhausted benefits for an additional 20(twenty) weeks and secondly increase the incentive for employers to hire them." -Senator Debbie Stabenow
Here is the video of what happened on the Ed Schultz Show today: 

This welcomed news for millions of unemployed Americans who have fallen through the cracks and been abandoned is very late - but it is finally here.  There is finally legislation being introduced.  The bill will be called the Americans Want to Work Act.  The name is fitting given the number of unemployed in this country. 

There are no guarantees - but the United States House of Representatives will be summoned back into session next week as a bill was passed in the United States Senate today which provides relief to cash-strapped states.  Two bills which help American workers could be passed next week.  One being the extremely overdue, but finally here, bill which will help the 99ers and the other bill which has passed the US Senate today which is projected to save jobs which would have been cut without action from the federal government.

More information will be posted as it develops.  Please stand by Senators Stabenow and Schumer and the Americans Want to Work Act.  Key Senators to contact may be Senators Snowe and Collins who have been independently-minded enough to counter the republican filibuster machine which will be certain to raise the bar on opposition.

Full article here.

Ed Schultz: Stabenow to introduce 99er legislation that could add 20 weeks of Tier 5 UI benefits

Ed Schultz: Stabenow to introduce 99er legislation that could add 20 weeks of Tier 5 UI benefits

Thursday, July 29, 2010

RALLY: 'Keep the American Dream Alive Tier 5 Rally' Federal Hall New York

Federal Hall, New York City | Google.

Thursday, August 12, 2010 between 12pm and 1pm, the 'Keep the American Dream Alive Tier 5' rally is happening in New York City.  New Yorkers, please show out in full force and make the news. 

This rally had a deadline for yesterday but there may still be a chance to show up and make your voice heard.  Please contact Kian at for more information.  Or, visit the ongoing thread posted at Unemployed Friends

Once again, the full rally/conference information is as follows: 

Press Conference/Rally: Keep the American Dream Alive Tier Five!
Thursday, August 12th
12-1 pm
Federal Hall
26 Wall St., New York City

The original date was Monday, August 2, now it has been updated to be Thursday, August 12, 2010.  Hopefully this will give this event more time to reach a larger audience and increase turnout. 

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Warning: Exemption for unemployment has expired - The Hill's On The Money

Warning: Exemption for unemployment has expired - The Hill's On The Money

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tennessee Senators ignore 10% unemployment rate by voting against unemployment insurance benefits

Tennessee Senators ignore 10% unemployment rate by voting against unemployment insurance benefits

Unemployment legislation will move to House on 60-40 Senate vote, but Sen. Republicans stall process

Unemployment legislation will move to House on 60-40 Senate vote, but Sen. Republicans stall process

Mainstream Press Needs To Stay The Course On Unemployment Insurance Reporting Despite The Passage Of H.R. 5618

Ushered in through many petitions, many calls to Congress, the millions of you out there taking action, and a breakthrough with the leadership of Ed Schultz - mainstream press is now reporting on the unemployed in America.

And finally, the story of the 99ers is being told around the country. The story of millions of persons who got both beatings. The beating from their employer when they got the pink slip to begin and the beating from their government when weeks were exhausted. And there are millions within those millions who did not even get 99 weeks.

On November 30, 2010 - Everyone's extended unemployment insurance will end.
And the press is not talking about that. What happens to the millions of jobless on November 30, 2010? Are we going to create nearly 11 million jobs between now and then? I don't think so.

H.R. 5618 will be passed this week thanks to two Republican senators who broke from party lines and did the right thing.

If you still have tiers to collect, this bill will be retroactive. Do not let anyone confuse you on this. Remember, they have to make it retroactive for the other millions who are still collecting so they do not receive any interruption of benefits. Also, it's easier for accounting and it's the right thing to do. Lots of people are hurting needlessly.

Your state's labor department will be instructed how to proceed in executing this extension. In most cases, it will take several weeks for the checks to be received.

This bill will pass this week and it would not matter if H.R. 5618 passed today or if it passed on Friday in the grand scheme of when the checks will come in.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Gov. Manchin taps Carte Goodwin for Senate as the unemployed remain on hold

Gov. Manchin taps Carte Goodwin for Senate as the unemployed remain on hold

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Manchin to replace Byrd this week. 2,235,000 have lost their unemployment benefits. 99ers still wait

Manchin to replace Byrd this week. 2,235,000 have lost their unemployment benefits. 99ers still wait

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ed Schultz challenges President, Congress to press harder for unemployment insurance extensions

Ed Schultz challenges President, Congress to press harder for unemployment insurance extensions

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ed Schultz is fired up about Congressional and Presidential inaction for long term unemployed, 99ers

Ed Schultz, keeping his promise to the unemployed remains a strong voice to members of Congress and the President to do something for the long term unemployed.

This was from Schultz's July 8, 2010 broadcast and Congress needs to see this before their return on Monday, July 12, 2010.  The energy that Schultz has about this issue is the same fire and passion needed from the unemployed out there who seek to protest the government on this issue.  The Senate needs the political will to do something and the pressure needs to mount from all directions.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Referendum To The Unemployed To Prevent 'Death By Filibuster'

There are no words of solace that can replace the safety net that should exist without political grandstanding in the United States government right now when it comes to helping our nation's jobless.  Inaction is inexcusable and the American people should hold those who seek to punish, belittle, or underestimate the intelligence of anyone unemployed that has lost their safety net accountable. 

The latest news is that a bill to extend out the weeks available has been passed in the United States House of Representatives but is subject to 'death by filibuster' in the United States Senate upon their return on July 12th, 2010.  If this new bill is not passed, millions and millions more unemployed will be upended by Congressional inaction.  There are no guarantees this legislation will pass.  The possibility of additional weeks for persons looking for work beyond 99-weeks (a tier 5) seems hopeless unless a change in the political climate occurs.

As most of you know, summer breaks are right around the corner.  Members of Congress will be coming home to hold town hall meetings.  There is earned media with MSNBC and the Ed Schultz show and there is an increased media pressure arising. 

This is an opportunity to protest to them and use the earned media promised by MSNBC. 

Each and every reader out there needs to prove Doug Holmes wrong and feel empowered to do this.  Does everyone remember Doug Holmes?  He actually had the nerve to testify before a Senate Finance Committee that he feels that the unemployed just do not want to take responsibility for themselves and they are not empowered enough to get a job and continuing unemployment benefits is a disincentive for work. 

Show up for a protest with a resume in one hand and a sign in the other.  Yell louder than the tea baggers ever thought to yell.  Stay within the law and your legal First Amendment rights.

This post will stay front and center until Congress returns from break.  There's an entire month nearly for the unemployed to organize and protest.  No one is funded by Freedom Works though or any other large corporation.  This effort would be truly grassroots. 

Regardless of which blog or online source you subscribe to for information - we all proved a couple of short months ago that a campaign could be organized and reach a large audience of unemployed persons.  Is there a will out there for protest?  If so, what cities do you think can have the most impact? 

If you live in the Nashville, TN area, Joe Biden will be visiting Belmont University on July 16th from 5pm CST - 7pm CST.  This is my local area and the State of Tennessee has over 10% unemployment and two of the most worthless United States Senators in history.  Senators Alexander and Corker are such an embarrassment and to think if only one of them would have voted 'Yes' to H.R. 4213 so many would not be without right now in Tennessee or in any other state.  If our nation's debt is too high to fund the jobless then it is too high to fund their salaries and that is the exact argument I would make to any Senator who voted against the unemployed. 

This is a simple referendum to the unemployed.  Are you ready and willing to protest your government?  (Labor departments should add that as a question to weekly job certifications). 

Friday, July 02, 2010

Am I still counted as unemployed if I stop receiving unemployment benefits? Yes, and here’s why

Am I still counted as unemployed if I stop receiving unemployment benefits? Yes, and here’s why

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Stand-alone bill passes the US House of Representatives today for some US unemployed

The House of Representatives approved a standalone measure that would grant an unemployment extension to the millions of Americans currently without unemployment benefits.

The House voted in favor of the new measure, 270-153. A handful of Republicans also voted for an unemployment extension. The measure will need to be approved by the Senate, which has had a history of rejecting the bill.

Full and source story here:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi stands up for some unemployed | 99ers abandoned

Speaker Nancy Pelosi stands up for some unemployed | 99ers abandoned

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

@Maddow - Rachel Maddow, MSNBC, on the history and recent collapse of unemployment insurance

Haves:  Have Not - Rachel Maddow Show last Friday

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

House lines up second vote on unemployment benefits - The Hill's On The Money

House lines up second vote on unemployment benefits - The Hill's On The Money

Goodbye, H.R. 5618

As quickly as it was introduced is as quickly as the bill died.  H.R. 5618 is dead.  Concerns about the debt have trumped the needs of the unemployed.  The long term unemployed who have exhausted all benefits are hoping for a miracle as nothing has been introduced or even talked about (except for the mention of a mini stimulus or second stimulus recommended by the Obama Administration). 

Here is the latest on what happened today on H.R. 5618 from The Hill

The House failed Tuesday afternoon to pass an unemployment benefits extension under suspension of the rules. |

The bill failed to gain the two-thirds needed — 261-155 — with 30 Republicans voting in support while 16 Democrats opposed the legislation.  

House of Representatives Introduces H.R. 5618

UPDATE:  This bill failed today in the United States House of Representatives.  The text that was posted earlier will remain however it is no longer applicable.  It remains solely to compare a bill that might come forward and also to compare against previous legislation introductions. 

The information below is no longer relevant to the current situation.

As posted at,


H.R. 5618 The Restoration of Emergency Unemployment Compensation Act

Click here for the text of H.R. 5618

Click here
for a graph of the cumulative number of workers losing unemployment benefits due to Senate Republicans’ filibuster of H.R. 4213

Click here for state-by-state breakdown of the estimated number of claimants losing unemployment benefits by July 3, 2010 if Congress fails to act.


• The Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) Program began to phase out at the end of May.

• This means individuals exhausting their 26 weeks of regular unemployment benefits over the last month, or exhausting any of the tiers of Federal EUC benefits during this time, are not eligible for emergency unemployment benefits.

• The legislation would retroactively restore those benefits and continue the EUC program through November.

• In addition, the legislation would restore full Federal funding for the permanent-law Extended Benefits program (through November).

• Both of these same policies were included in the jobs package (HR 4213) passed by the House on May 28th.

• Without this extension, an estimated 1.7 million individuals will have lost their unemployment benefits by July 3.

• The bill also includes two beneficiary protections: the continuation of a rule that conditions State eligibility to offer Federal unemployment benefits on an assurance that the State is not cutting the level of regular unemployment benefits; and a safeguard included in the House-passed jobs package (HR 4213) that prevents EUC claimants from having their benefits cut if intermittent earnings requalifies them for regular, State unemployment benefits (which may provide lower payments because the claimant’s more recent wages were lower).

• Unlike the House jobs package (HR 4213), the legislation does not include an extension of the Federal Additional Compensation program, which increases all UI benefits by $25 a week.

The above text is verbatim from the House Ways & Means Committee website posted today, June 29, 2010.

This bill does not include additional weeks of benefits.

In order to pass this bill, Democrats will need 3 Republican votes.  Both Senators from Maine have agreed to vote for a stand-alone bill but there is still one vote needed as Senator Ben Nelson has 'bailout fatigue'.

Stand-alone unemployment extension legislation (H.R. 5618) up for House vote today

Stand-alone unemployment extension legislation (H.R. 5618) up for House vote today

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tennessee’s Senators Vote To End Jobless Benefits

Tennessee’s Senators Vote To End Jobless Benefits

Friday, June 25, 2010

H.R. 4213 is dead; it's time for a new strategy or that second stimulus talked up recently.

This issue is now more than just about an unemployment extension and a Medicare adjustment. This issue is now about: Do you stand with the American workers who have fallen on a rough job market or do you stand over in a corner somehwere silent about the issue chanting with big business proud to have defeated the hardest hit persons in the Great Recession?
H.R. 4213 is dead; it's time for a new strategy or that second stimulus talked up recently.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Minority Leader McConnell on Unemployment Extensions “NO” | Breaking News WorldNewsVine

Minority Leader McConnell on Unemployment Extensions “NO” | Breaking News WorldNewsVine

Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE) gets 'bailout fatigue' when it comes to H.R. 4213 and bailing out jobless

Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE) gets 'bailout fatigue' when it comes to H.R. 4213 and bailing out jobless

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

H.R. 4213 seemingly goes on life support at the moment

H.R. 4213, American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes Act of 2010, becomes increasingly difficult to write about and the bill that was introduced back on December 7, 2009 continues to be evasive in nature at predicting when final action will occur on the bill.  As has been posted each and every week that Congress is in session since before and after the Memorial Day break, there are reports that the bill will pass 'this' week.

When exactly is this magical 'this' week finally going to happen? 

People are depending on action - not bickering.

No one needs to read from this blog or from any other source that 'this week' is going to be a magical week that last week was not.  Anything beyond the fact the bill is stalled is speculation.  Not enough votes exist for the bill and the number of R's to D's in high unemployment states is nearly equal.  No majority on an issue tends to equal no action on an issue and that fact continues to prove true when discussing this legislation.

An agreement cannot be made and the votes to quickly pass the legislation remain seemingly non-existent.  When the news finally does arrive that this bill has been passed, there are thousands who will be fact checking every source due to the nature of the way this bill has been picked apart and criticized for adding to the deficit - at the end of the day this bill will add to the deficit be it directly added to the deficit or through 'leftover' or 'unused' stimulus fund.  With these facts in mind and the needs of the jobless who still cannot find work, it places a renewed sense of reality on the prospect that Congress will do anything further for the unemployed who have exhausted benefits.

As documented by the Detroit Job Search Examiner, Senator Orrin Hatch has introduced an amendment requiring the jobless to be drug tested.  This is in addition to the other two hundred, fifty frivolous [250+] amendments which the US Senate must address as required by the rules of the Senate and the U.S. Constitution. 

Jobless do not have time to wait for this type of debate about nonsense and sorting through frivolous amendments. This legislation is important and to hundreds of thousands it is time sensitive.  To each and every one of you out there depending on this legislation now - start a coalition to drug test Congress as soon as your financial troubles are less frightening. 

Unemployed people are not making major policy decisions which affect the country (and in some cases the world) and stalling important legislation.  Who again needs to be randomly drug tested here?  Where's the results for Orrin Hatch's latest drug test?

There is ample reason to call for the Senator to take a drug test when considering that Utah has an extremely low unemployment rate compared to other states in the nation.  Why the heck is Senator Hatch even introducing an amendment to this bill?  His vote is going to be a 'No' vote anyway based on prior voting records - this is just a transparent and blatant attempt to kill this bill and the drug testing thing sounds good but if a government is seriously concerned about a deficit now is not the time to add more expense to an already expensive bill. 

This political stunt insults the intelligence of the unemployed and is in poor taste - Ed Schultz needs to do a report on this one.  This is truly 'Psycho Talk'.

This is a must-read good article from Monica Ross-Williams at

Monday, June 21, 2010

NELP supports protest rallies for the unemployed

The National Employment Law Project (NELP) has recently posted the information below for the unemployed in the Philadelphia, PA and Detroit, MI areas.  Should the unemployed follow suit with NELP in other cities around the country on the 23rd? 

This is the information as posted at

Thousands of jobless Americans have joined our campaign to call for Congress to take aggressive action to aid the unemployed—but they still are not taking action. Here’s your opportunity to bring your frustrations to the streets.
On June 23rd, NELP's partners at Jobs with Justice and the Philadelphia Unemployment Project will be holding protests to demand national action to aid the unemployed. We invite you to join the actions:

Philadelphia Click Here:

Join Unemployed Workers for a Rally and Symbolic Soup Line at City Hall @ Dilworth Plaza on June 23rd

Help us fight for Extended Unemployment Benefits and COBRA subsidies for the jobless!

When: June 23rd from Noon-1:30 PM
Where: Philadelphia’s City Hall- West side @ Dilworth Plaza
Who: Unemployed workers, labor and religious leaders, concerned people
Why: To Fight for Extended Unemployment Compensation, COBRA health care subsidies, and JOBS!

Contact: Anthony Williams, Philadelphia Unemployment Project,

Detroit Click Here:

Money for Jobs Not Banks

Labor/Community March
When: Wednesday, June 23, 5:00pm
Where: Detroit, Michigan, Hart Plaza, (Jefferson & Woodward)
Who: Workers, with and without jobs
Why: To Fight for Jobs and Support for the Unemployed

Contact: Fran Tobin, Jobs with Justice,

Friday, June 18, 2010

GOP filibusters wide-ranging benefits and tax bill in Senate

Senate Democrats failed Thursday to overcome a Republican filibuster of a bill to extend unemployment benefits and prevent Medicare doctors from having their reimbursements cut.

All Republicans opposed ending debate on the wide-ranging bill, forcing further negotiations on specific provisions to seek a possible compromise.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid complained Republicans were simply stalling progress on the bill, and he and other Democratic leaders said the GOP filibuster showed Republicans were aligned with special interests such as oil companies and Wall Street hedge funds.

In floor debate, Republicans proposed using money from the stimulus bill to pay for provisions of the bill, but Democrats objected. Republicans complained that the bill would increase the deficit, a concern shared by some Democrats.

Full Story @ CNN:

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Unemployment extension HR 4213 suffers setback in Senate

Unemployment extension HR 4213 suffers setback in Senate

Monday, June 14, 2010

Talk of second stimulus heats up over the weekend

Talk of second stimulus heats up over the weekend

Friday, June 11, 2010

'99ers' have Ed Schultz and Rep. Jim McDermott (D-WA)

'99ers' have Ed Schultz and Rep. Jim McDermott (D-WA)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

99ers Got Ed & Jim McDermott - Last Night's Ed Show

This clip is from "The Ed Show" which aired last night on MSNBC.

For those who missed it, enjoy.

(If there is anyone out there who cannot hear the audio due to hearing impairment or simple lack of speakers on your computer... the transcript of this video will be added to this post within 24 hours.)

Essentially, the video finally points toward a more defined direction for those who have exhausted all benefits and Rep. Jim McDermott is beginning the hearings for the long term unemployed.  There is still no bill yet - it is in a committee though - as soon as more details get hashed out everyone will know more details.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

OP: The social injustice for long term unemployed still exists and continues to fester

The "Jobless In America" series of articles began one full month ago when the first state that was covered was California.  Having written about only 10 of the 50 states thus far, with Illinois next on the list, it is without saying that these articles are moving at the pace of a glacier.  But at least they are moving.  And sadly it seems that even with the slow pace at writing these articles, all 50 states will be covered before the United States government takes up the needs of the long term unemployed.  As many of you are increasingly taking notice, it seems that it is easier for the United States government to give money and resources to foreign countries than it is its own citizens. 

Of course the efforts of the long term unemployed to gain congressional recognition began many more months ago.  Nearly all is lost for some - including hope.  Long term unemployed need to know there are people fighting with them on this issue and will be here until the problem is resolved through job creation.  There are reasons to remain hopeful.  There are many reasons to politically fight and plea for extended unemployment benefits.  This is just the absolute least thing that should be done for the unemployed and as more and more exhaust benefits - the least is not being done.

There are many questions to be answered which right now the answers do not exist and it is just not useful to the immediate needs of the unemployed.  For example, I would like to know why a 20 acre shopping facility in my community has received nearly $300,000 of stimulus funds but there are no construction workers on the site.  That shopping complex alone would create hundreds of jobs in a rural area of Tennessee - but day after day when passing by that facility there is no movement.   In fact, this one particular county alone received nearly $2 million in stimulus funds to create jobs.  Answers are going to be sought for this - but for right now the country is still in a triage stage. 

The long term unemployed who have exhausted benefits need money now to not just prevent a double dip recession but also for the more moral reasons such as so they can provide for their children and themselves with the most basic necessities such as housing and food.

To a person without a job right now, this is not just a case of a political malpractice.  Each and every day, it seems like this is social holocaust.  Let me be clear with my readers, in many ways it is.  Members of Congress know this.  What they are not counting on though is the majority of American people knowing this.

The issue of unemployment has now become too politically safe for democrats.  Democrats need not do anything  for the rest of the year for the unemployed and they can all safely prove to be a better candidate on the issue of unemployment insurance to the majority of Americans who vote than the republican candidate who opposes unemployment insurance altogether.  And then there's another half, perhaps some from the same half of others, of the United States population under the spell right now that if more government spending occurs it will cause the sky to fall from the heavens and the entire world as we know it to come to an end. 

A deficit is still a deficit and a debt is still a debt - the amounts are arbitrary and considering the circumstances, what the hell would another $200 billion do in the long term as far as paying down the debt?

Nearly each and every state in the union is facing budget problems and is making cuts to necessary functions as the first (and only) stimulus for Main Street fades.  Additionally, more and more persons will fall into the ranks of the unemployed as these cuts escalate.  As this is being typed right now, there's a teacher that knows that he or she will not have a job next year and is planning for it.  At least these persons are being forewarned.  The long term jobless right now who have exhausted unemployment insurance were given no notice and more voices need to be advocating for the hardest-hit in this Great Recession.

Some politicians are feeding fear to the people demanding resolution to the deficit.  For whatever reason, these persons have completely forgotten that the country is still healing from the greatest financial collapse since the Great Depression and are buying into this fear.  This fear of the deficit is why the issue of unemployment is so politically toxic and it is taking months for important and time sensitive legislation to clear Congress. Both political parties are playing the safe card through the 2010 election cycle.  Pelosi's answer stating that they will take up the issue again in November seemed to be code for if democrats still have a majority and these problems are still ours to correct then we will do something, of course.  Right now we choose not to be on the causing controversy about the deficit.  This is an A-list political card republicans could use against democrats - if only they did not already make their stand opposing these extensions.

Some persons who have not been impacted as badly by the financial collapse are seemingly discarding the immediate needs of up to 20% of the United States population.  There's a reason that main stream media is called "main stream" media.  It reports the stories that the majority of the viewing audience want to see.  Slowly, the persons who were victims in this Great Recession are being counted.  It should be in the interest of each and every person who is unemployed to want and help retain as much and as many sources reporting on this as possible so that larger audiences of Americans see the message. 

The recent news of the House Ways & Means starting a subcommittee hearing on the issue of the long term jobless is encouraging, but shouldn't this issue be on a faster track?  The entire country is a hospital right now in the sense of healing from the financial collapse and it seems like the persons in the ER are being quarantined rather than treated.  Some disgusting companies are even being so blatantly discriminating to state in their job ads that they will not hire anyone who is currently unemployed. 

If a true and organized boycott were to occur, it should be on these companies discriminating against the unemployed.  Such a boycott is simply consumer choice, right?  Just as there's no specific law on the books for the companies who are discriminating hiring unemployed and mostly displaced workers, that's the power of consumer choice if an organized boycott occurs.  As more and more of these stories surface, a list is being created and documented for these companies denying their fellow Americans any opportunity for a job. 

My only advice to the unemployed is to continue the fight.  Take comfort in knowing that you are documented and being recognized by some of your fellow Americans.  Advocacy is happening and results are waiting. Waiting until November is not the solution.  No one can promise when relief will come but the promise of the emergency flare being fired and seen can be made.  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and the 111th Congress does have the "99er petition" found at  It is my sincere hope and the relentless advocacy of this blog that action is taken as soon as possible.

H.R. 4213 Now Being Debated By US Senate

The democratic leadership in the Senate has invoked cloture on H.R. 4213 and the bill is scheduled to be passed before the end of this week.  However, this may prove to be difficult if at least one republican can come to the aid of jobless for the passage.  Without a 60 vote super majority, it is proving to be more and more difficult to pass any legislation in the United States Senate. 

According to the United States Department of Labor, over 300,000 persons will lose their benefits this week alone - who are on the current available tiers of unemployment.  Unless of course, H.R. 4213 (better known as the Extenders Bill) can get passed this week.  According to staffers at Reid's office, the bill is expected to pass this week in the US Senate and at that point it is ready for the President. 

The passage of H.R. 4213, the "extenders bill" will guarantee benefits for those in the existing tiers of unemployment insurance through November.  This bill also reinstates tax cuts which have expired for business and raises taxes for hedge fund managers.

This bill does not add additional weeks for anyone who has exhausted the current federal maximum of 99 weeks.


At the date and time of this posting, it is incorrect that Harry Reid had filed cloture and as a reader pointed out - the measure will need to go back to the U.S. House before it can go to the President.  My sincere apologies on this. Wrong information has never been the intent of this blogger.

As more correct information is known - I will keep you posted. 

Keep making the corrections for others in comments.  As crazy as this Congress is, it is about the same as predicting the weather without a satellite image.  Cut me some slack - let's move forward.  Check out the ticker above for the latest news sources on H.R. 4213 and check out the sidebar for more resources.  Do your own searches for news also. 

This is a reader-dependent blog and I thank each and every one of you posting relevant and useful comments and correcting the information as we know it (or think we know it). 

After watching some of the boards out there - guys do not turn on each other.  It serves no purpose to divide no matter how angry we get.  Your frustration is with the government and the lack of jobs.  Never forget that.  Any other frustration in your life is minor and a side effect of inaction of government and the lack of jobs.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Tier 5 and extended unemployment benefits: Tax Extenders bill goes to a deficit frightened Senate

Tier 5 and extended unemployment benefits: Tax Extenders bill goes to a deficit frightened Senate

Monday, June 07, 2010

Thousands Of Tennessee Residents Cannot Certify For Weekly Unemployment Insurance Benefits - Other States, Same Issue

This is a brief statement from the Tennessee Department of Labor/WFD:

Last week, the United States Senate adjourned without passing legislation to extend the expiration date for the EUC, FAC and EB provisions beyond June 2, 2010.  Congress is scheduled to return the week of June 7, 2010 and it is expected that the Senate will take up the House-passed version of HR 4213 at that time.  At issue is whether any future extension will be retroactive to address the “coverage gap” that will be created beginning June 2, 2010, if no legislation is in place.
Any regular Tennessee Unemployment Compensation claim that exhausted benefits with week ending 5/22/10 should have transitioned to Tier 1 for the phase-out period.  As of now, Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) new claims or transitions to the program will expire with the date of 06/02/10.  If a claimant exhausts a Tier-1, Tier-2 or Tier-3 balance on weekending 05/29/10, the claimant will be entitled to set up the next Tier on 06/01/10.  No other entitlement is allowed.  If a claimant has set up on EUC by application or transition entitlement that week, the claimant will be allowed to draw out any balance in that part (Tier) of the program.  No other funding/entitlement will be set up after that date unless the National Congress approves another extension period.  That is unknown at this time.
The Extended Benefit (EB) program will stop according to state law on June 5, 2010.  No balances will be paid out, and no new entitlement will be set up after that date.  According to Federal law if an individual was receiving EB and has not drawn a Tier 2XTRA week or had any Tier-3 entitlement set up, the claimant may do so for weekending June 12, 2010.  This is the only entitlement that will be allowed the claimant.  After that amount has been received no further benefits will be paid unless Congress authorizes an extension of the dates for Federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation or Extended Benefits.

In effect, if you are on a current unemployment tier of benefits - you will not be able to certify until Congress resolves this issue when they return from break this week.  Is there anyone out there still receiving benefits who happens to have links to resources or are from other states having this same issue? 

If you are in the State of Tennessee you may email: and he can assist with your claim and give you information.  More on this issue will be posted when it is known.

UPDATE:  Us Unemployed Blogsite has learned that the issues with certifying in the State of Tennessee have now been resolved.  If you are still experiencing problems, call the claims center or try to certify again tomorrow. 

Sunday, June 06, 2010

The Need For A Second Stimulus Exists As Dow Dips Below 10,000

 If you do some digging on the net, the need for a second stimulus is documented even as early as last year in 2009.  We are only recently hearing more calls for a second stimulus; but the case for a second stimulus is mounting; especially when one considers that the last stimulus did not take into account any fiscal problems for state and local governments.  In addition to Paul Krugman's recent assertion, many have long argued the need for a second stimulus.  Most in fact the very day that the first stimulus was passed.  It was recognized that the first stimulus would not do enough to create private sector jobs. In January of this year, it was recognized by The Christian Science Monitor that the need for a second stimulus exists. 

The last stimulus package didn’t take into account the fiscal problems the recession would create for state and local governments.         -The Christian Science Monitor

On January 22, 2010, The Christian Science Monitor reported at this link: that the U.S. economy needs a second stimulus.  The article references Keynesian economics which is the key that China is using to get out of their recession citing the construction of high speed rail in China.  Something that this government is not truly doing.  Not in the way that the Republicans are saying that we are not doing .  The Republican model for economic policy is an all out spending freeze. 

The United States mastered macroeconomic management, wrote the textbooks, and the Chinese are currently using our own playbook to have a faster recovery in this Great Recession with an economics model created by the United States.  The article referenced by the Christian Science Monitor was written from the assertions of Joseph Stiglitz, who was awarded the Nobel prize for economics in 2001 and has published the book, Freefall: America, Free Markets and the Sinking of the World Economy the link to this book is posted below for anyone interested in the assertions made by Mr. Stiglitz, an economist who the federal government needs to be listening to and passing a second stimulus. 

Below is an excerpt from that article in the Christian Science Monitor: 

The US stimulus has made a difference. If we hadn’t had the stimulus, unemployment would be 11 or 12 percent. Yet, it was not big enough or well enough designed to bring employment back to normal levels.                     

This is a tool for the unemployed.  This is a talking point and this is a reason to petition again to Congress, this is another reason to continue advocacy.  Perhaps Congress does not have the political will for a "Tier 5" because of the name.  Let's just call it EB2 then.  Call it the "Funding States That Are Broke Act of 2010".  Call it whatever you want to call it.  Write the legislation and pass it NOW!

Readers, we need input! 

It is obvious persons are exhausted over everything.  Frustrated.  At the tipping point, if you will...   Scared.

Would it be worthwhile to start a campaign for a second stimulus or is everyone too burned out at this point?

You wouldn't be calling Congress for a Tier 5, you would be calling for a second stimulus to prevent the double dip recession which is inevitable without it.  Investors are not going to invest unless they are certain the economy is going to create jobs and increase consumer spending.  Naturally, cutting the safety net from 10% or more of the United States population is not a very smart way to increase consumer spending.  Doing nothing is not a solution.   Waiting until November to take action is not a solution.  Ideas anyone?

The unemployed might win their argument for a Tier 5 by making this a case about the economy rather than just unemployment insurance extensions.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Senator Richard Burr Uses BP Oil Leak As Smoke-Screen To Shut Out A Tier 5 Or A Second Stimulus

According to, Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) says that the focus right now should be on stopping the BP oil leak.  Burr has a record voting against unemployment insurance and when asked about a second stimulus for help to the struggling states and the unemployed, Burr stated:

“We’re just not in a position as a federal government to create a second stimulus package,” Burr said. “I don’t think it’s the role of the federal government to come to the aid of states and bail them out.”

Burr expressed support for the various probes that are looking into what caused the disaster and whether it could have been prevented.  Burr stated also that: 

“It’s absolutely essential for us to understand what went wrong,” Burr said. “I can’t tell you today whether a federal regulator turned their back or a company cut some corners they shouldn’t have.”

According to the Associated Press, government officials estimate that the leak, which started six weeks ago, has now dumped anywhere from 21 million to 45 million gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. BP’s latest efforts to plug the leak ran into a problems and an oil slick from the disaster began approaching the Florida panhandle.

This statement comes from Burr’s trip to Edenton on Wednesday for tours of the newly renovated Cupola House and to visit local employers. He also participated in a radio interview conducted by 103.7 WTIB-FM talk show host and Chowan County native Henry Hinton.

If you are a 99er and/or have exhausted all benefits of unemployment assistance, continue to expect a “No” vote from the senior Senator Richard Burr.  According to the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Burr’s state of North Carolina is experiencing an unprecedented 10.9% (nearly 11%) unemployment rate and the state’s unemployment fund is broke just as many others across the nation.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Tier 5 and extended unemployment benefits: the media awakens, while Congress still sleeps

This was a great recap article for the week.  Great work as always by Michael Thornton - the Rochester Unemployment Examiner.  Check out his other articles here:

Mr. Thornton has been on top of everything just as well as anyone can be.  The purpose of this blog has always been to get people to the best information on the Internet about the issue of unemployment.  If that's not through any of the blog postings of US Unemployed Blogsite, there are tickers above, links to the side, and a scrolling list of tweets to sort through at the bottom. 

I want to be clear to my readers.  Despite what Nancy Pelosi might have said last week this blogger is not giving up on this fight.  Do a Google search on her poll numbers and that should answer the question of whether or not this woman will be the Speaker of the House after November. 

The only thing I can say about her is at least she votes "Yay" on previous unemployment bills and on HR 4213.  The demeanor and her tone when addressing the 99ers last week was unacceptable.  Democrats would be wise to have her resign so that another more qualified democratic candidate can run in the 8th district of California. 

Without further ado...   This is the must read recap of the week....

Tier 5 and extended unemployment benefits: the media awakens, while Congress still sleeps

Best wishes to everyone out there.  Have a great weekend.  Think of new ideas to get more media!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

FOX Nation Picks Up On Second Stimulus Story A Full Week Later - The Comments, Of Course, Infested With Neocons... #TIER5

Newsworthy only in the fact that Fox is a major network, the story of Lawrence Summers making the case for a second stimulus has trickled its way up to a posting by Fox Nation.  Their short and sweet story on the subject is posted here:  The report is undated; however, there is not one single comment dated before June 1 and it appears in Google search results as illustrated above. [Posted 16 hours ago]. 

Better late than never?  Fox is late with their report but their post on the subject has yielded over 120 comments all on the similar order of opposing a second stimulus.

If there are any unemployed out there who want to attempt to talk reason to the neocons - do so at your own risk. These persons are those helping stand in the way of a second stimulus that would include unemployment benefits.  Nearly every comment opposes federal spending and a second stimulus. 

These voices are what lawmakers are hearing from as a majority apparently.  Read these comments and feel free to join in and let these people know they are full of it in respect to the needs of a second stimulus. 

There has to be a conservative who sees the need for a second stimulus for unemployment insurance who reads this blog and also is a fan of Fox News.  The unemployment club is not a "democrat only" club here. 

When people lose the will to speak up and out on these issues the environment for "no political will" prevails.  As Congress is on vacation for the week and it appears this blogger is a full week ahead of Fox News on this story - there's nothing better to post today other than the reasons why a second stimulus would not happen and that's reflected in the comment section of this:

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Nobel Prize winning economist, Paul Krugman, criticizes lawmakers for 'inflicting pain' to jobless

Paul Krugman, winner of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in 2008, helped make the case for a second stimulus stronger over the holiday weekend by mentioning in the New York Times Op-Ed that lawmakers should increase availability of insurance benefits in this weak, but gradually growing economy.  In his New York Time's article "The Pain Caucus", dated May 30, 2010, Krugman asserts that it is a 'destructive idea' to 'stop helping the jobless and start inflicting pain.' 

Paul Krugman's statement echoes the message that Lawrence Summers made last week before the Congressional recess when he made the case for a second stimulus which would include additional jobless benefits, tax cuts, and the proposal would continue to provide funding to assist the states who are facing many cuts next year due to budget issues and the toll the Great Recession has taken.  The bill, H.R. 4213, which extends the filing dates for the current approved tiers of benefits passed the United States House of Representatives by a vote of 245-171 in the United States House of Representatives and the measure was not taken up in the United States Senate before the Memorial Day break.  This is the second consecutive month that the Congress failed to take up the measure before the deadline expired.  If you want to see how your representative voted in the US House, see the official roll call at

Read the entire article at:

Monday, May 31, 2010

Main Street Needs A Bailout - Let's Take The Message Directly To The President

If Congress will not take up the issue of the needs of the long term unemployed, there is only one other place to turn - the United States President, Barack Obama. 

This message is targeted directly to the President of the United States, Barack Obama.  The message mentions the petition, "99ers Need A Tier 5",which was delivered to the staffer of Harry Reid and it also mentions the recent testimony given Monday, May 24, 2010 requesting a second stimulus.  This message is straight to the point by emphasizing that Mr. Summers is right on this one and to prevent a backslide in the economy, Main Street does need a bailout.  In the message, the gridlock of the two political parties is mentioned and with this year being an election year, that fact is the reason the longest term unemployed are not able to easily receive assistance from Congress. 

The message asks the President to do anything within his legislative and executive authority to accomplish the goal of extending unemployment benefits to everyone who has been unemployed through no fault of their own through the end of this year.  If the Congress does not have the 'political will' to take this issue up then the President can help to create this 'political will' by advocating on our behalf so that all Americans - employed or unemployed understand the need for this second stimulus.  Persons cannot wait until November for a solution that might happen.  Americans hardest hit need some type of security now.

Whether or not this petition gets signatures depends on those who care to continue advocating for a Tier 5 Unemployment Extension.  Even if you do not want to participate in the form of another petition, please take the time to contact the President with either this message or your own message.  There are multiple ways to contact the White House. 

Here are the links which take you directly to contact pages for the President. 

The offiical page to contact the President of the United States by email is at:

You can also contact the President by US Mail: 
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
(Please include your e-mail address in your letter)

You can contact the President by Phone:
Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard: 202-456-1414
FAX: 202-456-2461
Comments: 202-456-6213
Visitors Office: 202-456-2121

You can also send this message or a similar message to these social networking sites: 




Linked In:

It may be useful to use all of these sources for contacting the President. 
If you have access to the Internet, all of these resources are free to use.  If you know someone who is unemployed, feel free to print this so that they have the telephone and US Mail address to use. 

The goal is not to just simply have a petition with a lot of signatures.  The goal is to encourage the President and let him know that the American people support a second stimulus as states are cash-strapped, over a million will have exhausted benefits by November, and there is an unfair amount of expectation that exists for the unemployed by not continuing unemployment insurance until there are enough jobs for every American.

The success of the Main Street Needs A Bailout campaign will depend solely on the grassroots efforts of the Americans who see this need and are willing to de-politicize this issue until the jobs return.  Please help to spread awareness about this petition by posting this petition on all social networking sites and re-posting to as many places as you can find where the unemployed can see this campaign and participate.

The full text of the message is located here: and reads as follows:

The Americans who have became the hardest hit by the Great Recession are writing you today to tell you that we need a bailout and additional temporary stimulus funds - and we need your support and we need you to tell our story to the American people.  The longest term unemployed [those who have exhausted the maximum of 99 weeks of benefits (as you know some states received less)].  In the last extension, the state of Texas did not receive benefits and if you do the math, an unemployment rate of 8.0% in Texas is nearly two million Texans who were excluded from the previous extensions.

Mr. President, we know that you have received a petition regarding this matter previously and this is documented by many online reputable sources as well as the Huffington Post (which you have mentioned in some of your press conferences) and on Friday, May 28, the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi made the statement, "Congress will not take up any measure to give the long-term jobless more weeks of unemployment benefits beyond the 99 weeks available in some states."

As you know Mr. President, the country has lost millions of jobs and although the recent jobs report is encouraging, we still have a job shortfall in this country.  The American people are asking that you continue to make job creation a high priority in your Administration.  Additionally, we also ask that you find a way to extend unemployment benefits for everyone who is unemployed and would qualify for the unemployment insurance benefit - at least until the end of this year.  If there were enough jobs for every American we would not be asking this as we do not wish to depend on government; but it must be understood by everyone in Washington that the persons who have lost their jobs due to no fault of their own did not cause this financial collapse and they are depending on this funding and even your own Chief Economic Advisor, Lawrence Summers, made a plea for a second stimulus on Monday, May 24.  This was also made known to the public at:

Mr. President, the persons who have started this protest are very active in our communities, we do vote, and we have an understanding that the reason this has not been done for the American people is political.  The funding of unemployment insurance should not be a political issue.  As you know, Mr. President the states do not have the funding for this assistance and the current systems for unemployment compensation are out-dated and not designed to handle issues of this magnitude.

This would be the perfect opportunity to consider a second stimulus as Lawrence Summers has suggested and give states the funding to pay for an extension of unemployment insurance benefits until the end of this year when there is a more fair playing field when competing for the jobs that are available.  When these Americans who are now jobless were laid off unexpectedly from their jobs - they were given no notice.  We ask for a notice from the federal government as to when the benefits officially end and we ask that the partisan bickering in Washington, D.C. over the issue comes to an end.

In the United States Senate, there seems to be an equal number of Senators in high unemployment states relative to political affiliation.  Each and every month there should not be this piecemeal approach to extending the tiers available that already exist for the unemployed.  There needs to be a concrete resolution and a resolution which further extends the weeks available for those who have exhausted benefits until more jobs are created and the playing field for finding meaningful employment is more fair.  In urban area, the unemployment rates are well at or above nearly 15% and these are the absolute hardest-hit areas.  Rural areas were hit hard as well and also need this assistance.

Mr. President, we acknowledge that there have been very admirable job gains in the past few months and we are all hoping for this to continue each and every month.  But even by the end of this year, there will not be anywhere near the amount of jobs created that the country has lost.  Mr. President, please fund a bailout of Main Street.  Please be vocal and fired up about this.  The Congress is being too partisan to get this passed and it is an election year.  With the most sincere intentions, Mr. President, please take up this cause and make it a top priority to complete now as an emergency gesture for the unemployed.

These Americans already received a pink slip with no notice from their employer and for the past two years have had limited or no opportunity or they would still not be needing unemployment insurance.  Each and every individual has been qualified by their state to receive the benefit - or they would not be receiving this benefit to begin.  Please extend unemployment benefits for everyone through the end of this year.  If it is decided at that time that funding can no longer be provided, please give the American people a notice so that they can plan accordingly.

Do this to prevent a possible backslide of the economy and help avoid a double dip recession.  Please follow the advice of your Chief Economic Adviser, David Summers and authorize a second stimulus.  Please do this for the millions of Americans who will exhaust their benefits this year and will be trying to compete in a very rare, challenging, and unfairly competitive job market.

Please do this as soon as possible for millions of Americans who have been reduced to poverty through no fault of their own.  This is an emergency as we ask that you treat the matter as such.

Warmest Regards,

Please share this message with as many persons as you know.  While the news is still fresh that Mr. Summers has requested a second stimulus, it is worthwhile to send the President a message of support for this stimulus and the need to further extend unemployment insurance benefits to all states.

You can sign this petition using the widget on the sidebar, or visit the site where this full text is located at:

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Nashville and many other Americans give tribute to Memorial Day

Nashville and many other Americans give tribute to Memorial Day

Friday, May 28, 2010

GOP succeeds at delaying H.R. 4213, long term unemployed ignored until November - all heat on Dems

GOP succeeds at delaying H.R. 4213, long term unemployed ignored until November - all heat on Dems

House passes watered-down jobs bill, Senate on recess until June 7

AFL-CIO NOW BLOG | House Passes Watered-Down Jobs Bill, Too Late to Help Jobless

Thursday, May 27, 2010

GOP kills Tier V | GOP Stalling on unemployment extensions | Breaking News WorldNewsVine

GOP kills Tier V | GOP Stalling on unemployment extensions | Breaking News WorldNewsVine

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just In Case You Missed It - The Long Term Unemployed Hit Mainstream Media

Here is what aired on the Ed Schultz Show thanks to the many of you out there who emailed him and let him know about the plight of the long-term unemployed. 

This was a very quick exchange between Ed Schultz and Debbie Stabenow (D-MI).  But just this small amount of coverage is better than what the long term unemployed have not been receiving from mainstream press. This is without doubt, progress and a major leap in the right direction for those who have exhausted benefits.

Everyone, help US Unemployed Blogsite and so many others who are advocating for this keep this story alive by continuing to contact Ed Schultz.  A simple thank you for starters for even covering the story to begin and ask him to please keep asking these Senators the tough questions such as:  when will those who have exhausted benefits see relief? 

As posted previously, it is looking more and more like that relief will be coming in the form of a second stimulus act.  Congress is not going to amend $200 billion (or more) to H.R. 4213 for persons who have exhausted benefits.  At the risk of a reader perhaps thinking that I am rude for saying this, I must tell you politics is something that I personally have followed for a long time - during the Clinton Administration even.  This large-scale amendment has not been through the Finance Committee and they would not hold up the benefits that are scheduled to sunset on June 2, 2010 to wait on any amendment.  Doing so would cause them to miss the deadline again this month and it is just not feasible that route would be taken.

Those who have exhausted benefits are making major breakthroughs in just this past week.  More coverage and signals of action within this past week than in the past two months combined to be exact.

Keep up your work.  Keep spreading the word about the petition at  Keep sending off the Senate and Media SOS emails and faxes.  Keep calling members of Congress.  There is a door that is barely hanging on one hinge and with a little more push we can knock that door down.

Obama Administration Has Called For Additional Unemployment Insurance Included In Second Stimulus Act (a.k.a. "Mini" Stimulus) - #tier5 #unemployment

Not that members of the Tea Party movement will agree that there is anything "mini" about up to $300 billion dollars of deficit spending, it's being called for by the Obama Administration anyway.  This news should excite each and every reader out there who is seeking additional weeks available for unemployment benefits as this is the strongest signal from the Obama Administration that the unemployed are being heard. 

Today some very encouraging news emerged and since there are more than three sources reporting on it, it is definitely worth bringing to the attention of the unemployed - especially the long term unemployed who have felt abandoned in recent months.

Both Newsweek's article:  Economoist's Agree:  Unemployment Will Stay High Through November and the Financial Times article Obama adviser calls for new mini-stimulus are stating that the second stimulus requested on Monday, May 24, 2010 by the Obama Administration is calling for an extension of unemployment benefits. 

So, if H.R. 4213 is geared to assist the existing tiers through the remainder of the year, what else can this extension referenced be other than additional weeks available to the unemployed?  The second stimulus also being newly known as a "mini-stimulus" is seeming more and more like the vehicle that will be used for a possible Tier V unemployment extension or adding additional weeks to current tiers. 

The testimony given Monday by Lawrence Summers, Barack Obama's Senior Economic Advisor, stated to the United States House of Representatives the following statements: 

“I cannot agree with those who suggest that it somehow threatens the future to provide truly temporary, high-bang-for-the-buck jobs and growth measures,” he said. “Spurring growth, if we can achieve it, is by far the best way to improve our fiscal position.”

“The observation that the economy is again ascending does not mean that we are out of a very deep valley,” said Mr Summers.

As covered by Financial Times, Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House stated: 

“We look forward to reviewing the president’s proposal and working together to do what’s right for our nation’s fiscal health and security,”

Newsweek reports that all three major economic groups that have leverage in Congress: 
the left-leaning Economic Policy Institute (EPI), the centrist Brookings Institution, and the conservative Heritage Foundation are all in agreement that the national unemployment rate will hover around 10% through the remainder of this year and definitely through the midterm elections.

The full Newsweek article being referenced is at:

Josh Bivens of EPI, advocates a second stimulus bill on the order of $300 billion that would extend unemployment benefits and food stamps, and subsidies for laid-off workers getting their health insurance through COBRA, plus fiscal relief to states facing recovery-killing budget cuts or tax increases.

According to the Newsweek Article, Bivens stated, "We missed our window", when referring to whether or not this action to provide tax cuts to small business to spur job creation would make an impact before the November midterm elections. 

James Sherk of the Heritage Foundation states that the president should encourage private wealth creation through tax cuts and tort reform to protect corporations against the costs of battling lawsuits. But he admits that this would take a while to boost employment figures.  Mr Sherk stated: "The economy moves at a slow pace."  (This will be the opinion taken by the Republican party and as was noted above, reflects the conservative-leaning Heritage Foundation's assertion). 

In these articles it is stated that the second stimulus proposed by the Obama Administration is necessary to avoid a double dip back into the recession and sustain any amount of growth. 

If you have exhausted your benefits, you know this.  You know as well as anyone that without a job available to you and without assistance from unemployment insurance the economy will sink.  This is the bailout Main Street needs and according to Mr. Bivens from EPI, economists missed the mark to make a difference by about four or five months.  Does this sound about right to some of you?  Would it have helped to know four months ago (in early February), that your benefits would not be expiring and you could continue to pay for basic necessities that assistance through unemployment insurance can provide? 

No one should be claiming a victory here.  But this is some of the most encouraging news in recent months that signals to the unemployed how the Obama Administration and Democratic Leadership will address the needs of the long term unemployed who have exhausted benefits or will exhaust benefits very soon. 

As we have learned today, it seems the most likely route is going to be the passage of H.R. 4213 for those who have not used the maximum amount of benefits currently available through the end of this year.  And for those who have exhausted benefits or will exhaust benefits very soon, Stimulus Bill #2 is reported to cover unemployment extensions.  It seems logical that the bill that will cost over $300 billion dollars is the bill that will extend out weeks of benefits. 

We need this bill titled and in the finance committees as soon as possible.
Obviously, the full text of the bill for the "Second Stimulus" needs to be presented and when this happens it will likely then be reported by larger media outlets.  Right now it is just a proposal by the Chief Economic Advisor to the White House, Lawrence Summers. 

This additional glimpse of hope is reason to keep going advocates.  Keep the petitions strong and keep advocating for a Tier 5 unemployment extension so that it is quickly clear the long term unemployed are advocating for extending weeks.  Keep your telephone calls, emails, and faxes going to Congress.  There may very well be a form letter referencing this newly introduced measure very soon in replies.

Those who are advocating for extended weeks of unemployment benefits have came too far to let these efforts die down quite yet.  Not until there is a bill on the floor.  (And still even then to counter any Republican objections).  We must not relent until this legislation is passed.

The Newsreel at the top is ticking both Google queries:  Second Stimulus & H.R. 4213.  Both of these stories should be of interest to the unemployed out there seeking information.  If anyone finds any other links that are reporting a similar story in respect to unemployment benefits being in Stimulus II, please post that in the comments for other unemployed readers to see. 

Thanks everyone for doing what you do and helping to make this a reality.  I am hopeful that there will be a bill number to reference soon.  Remember, this was just introduced on Monday.  The story just broke on this today.  There's much more information to find out before anyone can say they know the full story. 

As more information is learned, this blog depends on contributions from its readers in comments and references from verifiable news sources.  Thanks in advance for your support out there and keep your eye open for any article mentioning a Second Stimulus.

Photo:  Washington Monument photographed from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, US Unemployed Blogsite