Thursday, December 23, 2010

Those collecting unemployment benefits are noticing a $25 decrease in their check

If you are actively receiving unemployment benefits or have been affected by the slow action of Congress to extend unemployment insurance benefits, you may have recently noticed that the extra $25 per check is no longer available.  This program was called the FAC (Federal Additional Compensation) and was included in the Recovery Act.  This added benefit was not renewed in the tax cut bill which also extends unemployment benefit for 13 months.  The latest extension does not reauthorize the full force of ARRA and this, sadly, is a consequence. 

This is a question that I have received by email from readers and after researching the matter it seemed appropriate to share with everyone.  The Extended Benefits package from the Recovery Act is the only part of the stimulus that still remains.  The Extended Benefits provision allows for persons to continue to receive unemployment assistance after they have exhausted the maximum amount of unemployment tiers (depending on their state's) unemployment rate.

Warm wishes to the readers and contributors of this blog.   Your continued input has helped unite and provide valuable information to all of the unemployed unable to find work this year.  Just because Congress has abandoned the needs of the unemployed, everyone has proven to stand by each other even though we all know it's bitter cold, gas prices are rising, the economy is getting better for some, and there's not enough hands reaching out to lift people up. 

This Christmas this blog wishes that the government sees the needs for more hands up and doesn't look upon those as just having a hand out.  It's the wish that the relentless pursuit of the 99er movement continues on to other issues relating to employment issues as more and more jobless gain employment.  It doesn't have to all just end - there's always a cause.  Let's start with employer discrimination from hiring unemployed workers.

Can we raise the federal minimum wage yet?  What... they got a tax cut that will cost everyone who is re-entering the job market close to $500 billion in revenue that could have been used to pay down the debt.
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