Wednesday, June 02, 2010

FOX Nation Picks Up On Second Stimulus Story A Full Week Later - The Comments, Of Course, Infested With Neocons... #TIER5

Newsworthy only in the fact that Fox is a major network, the story of Lawrence Summers making the case for a second stimulus has trickled its way up to a posting by Fox Nation.  Their short and sweet story on the subject is posted here:  The report is undated; however, there is not one single comment dated before June 1 and it appears in Google search results as illustrated above. [Posted 16 hours ago]. 

Better late than never?  Fox is late with their report but their post on the subject has yielded over 120 comments all on the similar order of opposing a second stimulus.

If there are any unemployed out there who want to attempt to talk reason to the neocons - do so at your own risk. These persons are those helping stand in the way of a second stimulus that would include unemployment benefits.  Nearly every comment opposes federal spending and a second stimulus. 

These voices are what lawmakers are hearing from as a majority apparently.  Read these comments and feel free to join in and let these people know they are full of it in respect to the needs of a second stimulus. 

There has to be a conservative who sees the need for a second stimulus for unemployment insurance who reads this blog and also is a fan of Fox News.  The unemployment club is not a "democrat only" club here. 

When people lose the will to speak up and out on these issues the environment for "no political will" prevails.  As Congress is on vacation for the week and it appears this blogger is a full week ahead of Fox News on this story - there's nothing better to post today other than the reasons why a second stimulus would not happen and that's reflected in the comment section of this:
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