Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Referendum To The Unemployed To Prevent 'Death By Filibuster'

There are no words of solace that can replace the safety net that should exist without political grandstanding in the United States government right now when it comes to helping our nation's jobless.  Inaction is inexcusable and the American people should hold those who seek to punish, belittle, or underestimate the intelligence of anyone unemployed that has lost their safety net accountable. 

The latest news is that a bill to extend out the weeks available has been passed in the United States House of Representatives but is subject to 'death by filibuster' in the United States Senate upon their return on July 12th, 2010.  If this new bill is not passed, millions and millions more unemployed will be upended by Congressional inaction.  There are no guarantees this legislation will pass.  The possibility of additional weeks for persons looking for work beyond 99-weeks (a tier 5) seems hopeless unless a change in the political climate occurs.

As most of you know, summer breaks are right around the corner.  Members of Congress will be coming home to hold town hall meetings.  There is earned media with MSNBC and the Ed Schultz show and there is an increased media pressure arising. 

This is an opportunity to protest to them and use the earned media promised by MSNBC. 

Each and every reader out there needs to prove Doug Holmes wrong and feel empowered to do this.  Does everyone remember Doug Holmes?  He actually had the nerve to testify before a Senate Finance Committee that he feels that the unemployed just do not want to take responsibility for themselves and they are not empowered enough to get a job and continuing unemployment benefits is a disincentive for work. 

Show up for a protest with a resume in one hand and a sign in the other.  Yell louder than the tea baggers ever thought to yell.  Stay within the law and your legal First Amendment rights.

This post will stay front and center until Congress returns from break.  There's an entire month nearly for the unemployed to organize and protest.  No one is funded by Freedom Works though or any other large corporation.  This effort would be truly grassroots. 

Regardless of which blog or online source you subscribe to for information - we all proved a couple of short months ago that a campaign could be organized and reach a large audience of unemployed persons.  Is there a will out there for protest?  If so, what cities do you think can have the most impact? 

If you live in the Nashville, TN area, Joe Biden will be visiting Belmont University on July 16th from 5pm CST - 7pm CST.  This is my local area and the State of Tennessee has over 10% unemployment and two of the most worthless United States Senators in history.  Senators Alexander and Corker are such an embarrassment and to think if only one of them would have voted 'Yes' to H.R. 4213 so many would not be without right now in Tennessee or in any other state.  If our nation's debt is too high to fund the jobless then it is too high to fund their salaries and that is the exact argument I would make to any Senator who voted against the unemployed. 

This is a simple referendum to the unemployed.  Are you ready and willing to protest your government?  (Labor departments should add that as a question to weekly job certifications). 
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