Friday, August 27, 2010

No News But Speculation - So Why Say Anything?

Since the inception of this blog, it has always been the intent to provide readers with useful information.

As I see the number of readers who come here daily in search of insight - I feel I owe you guys at least the news of... there is no news.  There may be more news relevant to help the unemployed in the coming weeks but not at this time.

The easiest post in the world for me to write would be a post that would further divide people.  That's not the intent of this blog nor has it ever been.  With that in mind, I wish all of my readers well.  I invite you to keep to the facts and not to the speculation.  The facts still remain that nothing is on the schedule for Tier 5 unemployment.  It is fact that two bills have been introduced.  It is also fact that the two bills are so contradictory in nature that either they were each written from opposite ends of the universe or the bills are earmarked to provide a middle ground of the two or simply not be passed - at least until after the midterm elections.

My fellow Americans, if you are unemployed through no fault of your own and are desperately seeking a job - you are a victim of American politics.  Politicians have made the issue whether or not unemployed persons should receive extended federal aid at all VS. no government assistance whatsoever.

Why is it easy to give money to persons overseas?  Haitians do not vote.  Iraqis do not vote.  (At least not in this country unless they are registered US citizens).

The case has been made for a Tier 5 and it might have been made so well that it could be used as a campaign issue this fall.  In fact, I would bet artificial non-existent Internet money that it will.  But that again would be speculation.... see?  Any direction one wants to write about the issue is speculation and not factual.  It's just not useful to engage in this.  People want answers - not opinions that may or may not bear any substance. 

Everyone is in my thoughts and prayers to have a job by this Labor Day.  Everyone deserves the right to a job.  I will not mention his name because each time his name is mentioned he receives exactly what he wants - attention and money.  However that person will be in full protest at the Lincoln Memorial and will likely dominate headlines for weeks to come or at least throughout the weekend.  All over his special interests which constitute less than 2% of the American population. 

The headlines should be reading more about you guys and what can we do to fix the problems. 
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