Monday, June 21, 2010

NELP supports protest rallies for the unemployed

The National Employment Law Project (NELP) has recently posted the information below for the unemployed in the Philadelphia, PA and Detroit, MI areas.  Should the unemployed follow suit with NELP in other cities around the country on the 23rd? 

This is the information as posted at

Thousands of jobless Americans have joined our campaign to call for Congress to take aggressive action to aid the unemployed—but they still are not taking action. Here’s your opportunity to bring your frustrations to the streets.
On June 23rd, NELP's partners at Jobs with Justice and the Philadelphia Unemployment Project will be holding protests to demand national action to aid the unemployed. We invite you to join the actions:

Philadelphia Click Here:

Join Unemployed Workers for a Rally and Symbolic Soup Line at City Hall @ Dilworth Plaza on June 23rd

Help us fight for Extended Unemployment Benefits and COBRA subsidies for the jobless!

When: June 23rd from Noon-1:30 PM
Where: Philadelphia’s City Hall- West side @ Dilworth Plaza
Who: Unemployed workers, labor and religious leaders, concerned people
Why: To Fight for Extended Unemployment Compensation, COBRA health care subsidies, and JOBS!

Contact: Anthony Williams, Philadelphia Unemployment Project,

Detroit Click Here:

Money for Jobs Not Banks

Labor/Community March
When: Wednesday, June 23, 5:00pm
Where: Detroit, Michigan, Hart Plaza, (Jefferson & Woodward)
Who: Workers, with and without jobs
Why: To Fight for Jobs and Support for the Unemployed

Contact: Fran Tobin, Jobs with Justice,
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