Wednesday, June 23, 2010

H.R. 4213 seemingly goes on life support at the moment

H.R. 4213, American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes Act of 2010, becomes increasingly difficult to write about and the bill that was introduced back on December 7, 2009 continues to be evasive in nature at predicting when final action will occur on the bill.  As has been posted each and every week that Congress is in session since before and after the Memorial Day break, there are reports that the bill will pass 'this' week.

When exactly is this magical 'this' week finally going to happen? 

People are depending on action - not bickering.

No one needs to read from this blog or from any other source that 'this week' is going to be a magical week that last week was not.  Anything beyond the fact the bill is stalled is speculation.  Not enough votes exist for the bill and the number of R's to D's in high unemployment states is nearly equal.  No majority on an issue tends to equal no action on an issue and that fact continues to prove true when discussing this legislation.

An agreement cannot be made and the votes to quickly pass the legislation remain seemingly non-existent.  When the news finally does arrive that this bill has been passed, there are thousands who will be fact checking every source due to the nature of the way this bill has been picked apart and criticized for adding to the deficit - at the end of the day this bill will add to the deficit be it directly added to the deficit or through 'leftover' or 'unused' stimulus fund.  With these facts in mind and the needs of the jobless who still cannot find work, it places a renewed sense of reality on the prospect that Congress will do anything further for the unemployed who have exhausted benefits.

As documented by the Detroit Job Search Examiner, Senator Orrin Hatch has introduced an amendment requiring the jobless to be drug tested.  This is in addition to the other two hundred, fifty frivolous [250+] amendments which the US Senate must address as required by the rules of the Senate and the U.S. Constitution. 

Jobless do not have time to wait for this type of debate about nonsense and sorting through frivolous amendments. This legislation is important and to hundreds of thousands it is time sensitive.  To each and every one of you out there depending on this legislation now - start a coalition to drug test Congress as soon as your financial troubles are less frightening. 

Unemployed people are not making major policy decisions which affect the country (and in some cases the world) and stalling important legislation.  Who again needs to be randomly drug tested here?  Where's the results for Orrin Hatch's latest drug test?

There is ample reason to call for the Senator to take a drug test when considering that Utah has an extremely low unemployment rate compared to other states in the nation.  Why the heck is Senator Hatch even introducing an amendment to this bill?  His vote is going to be a 'No' vote anyway based on prior voting records - this is just a transparent and blatant attempt to kill this bill and the drug testing thing sounds good but if a government is seriously concerned about a deficit now is not the time to add more expense to an already expensive bill. 

This political stunt insults the intelligence of the unemployed and is in poor taste - Ed Schultz needs to do a report on this one.  This is truly 'Psycho Talk'.

This is a must-read good article from Monica Ross-Williams at

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