Thursday, August 05, 2010

Senator Stabenow Introduces Legislation For 99ers Seeking A Tier 5 Unemployment Insurance Extension

, someone in the United States Senate is doing something for the 99ers.

In case you missed it, Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI), stated the following on the Ed Schultz Show tonight. 
"I'm introducing legislation with a number of Democratic sponsors, Senator Schumer is the main co-sponsor, and this bill will do two things:  Extend the unemployment insurance benefits for those who have exhausted benefits for an additional 20(twenty) weeks and secondly increase the incentive for employers to hire them." -Senator Debbie Stabenow
Here is the video of what happened on the Ed Schultz Show today: 

This welcomed news for millions of unemployed Americans who have fallen through the cracks and been abandoned is very late - but it is finally here.  There is finally legislation being introduced.  The bill will be called the Americans Want to Work Act.  The name is fitting given the number of unemployed in this country. 

There are no guarantees - but the United States House of Representatives will be summoned back into session next week as a bill was passed in the United States Senate today which provides relief to cash-strapped states.  Two bills which help American workers could be passed next week.  One being the extremely overdue, but finally here, bill which will help the 99ers and the other bill which has passed the US Senate today which is projected to save jobs which would have been cut without action from the federal government.

More information will be posted as it develops.  Please stand by Senators Stabenow and Schumer and the Americans Want to Work Act.  Key Senators to contact may be Senators Snowe and Collins who have been independently-minded enough to counter the republican filibuster machine which will be certain to raise the bar on opposition.

Full article here.
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