Wednesday, June 09, 2010

H.R. 4213 Now Being Debated By US Senate

The democratic leadership in the Senate has invoked cloture on H.R. 4213 and the bill is scheduled to be passed before the end of this week.  However, this may prove to be difficult if at least one republican can come to the aid of jobless for the passage.  Without a 60 vote super majority, it is proving to be more and more difficult to pass any legislation in the United States Senate. 

According to the United States Department of Labor, over 300,000 persons will lose their benefits this week alone - who are on the current available tiers of unemployment.  Unless of course, H.R. 4213 (better known as the Extenders Bill) can get passed this week.  According to staffers at Reid's office, the bill is expected to pass this week in the US Senate and at that point it is ready for the President. 

The passage of H.R. 4213, the "extenders bill" will guarantee benefits for those in the existing tiers of unemployment insurance through November.  This bill also reinstates tax cuts which have expired for business and raises taxes for hedge fund managers.

This bill does not add additional weeks for anyone who has exhausted the current federal maximum of 99 weeks.


At the date and time of this posting, it is incorrect that Harry Reid had filed cloture and as a reader pointed out - the measure will need to go back to the U.S. House before it can go to the President.  My sincere apologies on this. Wrong information has never been the intent of this blogger.

As more correct information is known - I will keep you posted. 

Keep making the corrections for others in comments.  As crazy as this Congress is, it is about the same as predicting the weather without a satellite image.  Cut me some slack - let's move forward.  Check out the ticker above for the latest news sources on H.R. 4213 and check out the sidebar for more resources.  Do your own searches for news also. 

This is a reader-dependent blog and I thank each and every one of you posting relevant and useful comments and correcting the information as we know it (or think we know it). 

After watching some of the boards out there - guys do not turn on each other.  It serves no purpose to divide no matter how angry we get.  Your frustration is with the government and the lack of jobs.  Never forget that.  Any other frustration in your life is minor and a side effect of inaction of government and the lack of jobs.
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