Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mainstream Press Needs To Stay The Course On Unemployment Insurance Reporting Despite The Passage Of H.R. 5618

Ushered in through many petitions, many calls to Congress, the millions of you out there taking action, and a breakthrough with the leadership of Ed Schultz - mainstream press is now reporting on the unemployed in America.

And finally, the story of the 99ers is being told around the country. The story of millions of persons who got both beatings. The beating from their employer when they got the pink slip to begin and the beating from their government when weeks were exhausted. And there are millions within those millions who did not even get 99 weeks.

On November 30, 2010 - Everyone's extended unemployment insurance will end.
And the press is not talking about that. What happens to the millions of jobless on November 30, 2010? Are we going to create nearly 11 million jobs between now and then? I don't think so.

H.R. 5618 will be passed this week thanks to two Republican senators who broke from party lines and did the right thing.

If you still have tiers to collect, this bill will be retroactive. Do not let anyone confuse you on this. Remember, they have to make it retroactive for the other millions who are still collecting so they do not receive any interruption of benefits. Also, it's easier for accounting and it's the right thing to do. Lots of people are hurting needlessly.

Your state's labor department will be instructed how to proceed in executing this extension. In most cases, it will take several weeks for the checks to be received.

This bill will pass this week and it would not matter if H.R. 5618 passed today or if it passed on Friday in the grand scheme of when the checks will come in.
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