Wednesday, April 28, 2010

#5 On Means Nothing If Congress Isn't Listening

Reading the latest article from Mike Rheaume, Gather, inspires me to keep pressing forward on the cause for a Tier 5 Unemployment Extension.  Congress knows for certain we are here and ignoring the longest-term unemployed is not a solution for any political party.  Democrats may have perhaps made the political miscalculation that since the Republican majority does not see the need for any additional unemployment extensions (seeing they voted "Nay" to even extend the dates of the already approved tiers), they will have no repercussions by not addressing this issue. 

Both parties need to think again if this is their thought.  Yes, Wall Street Reform is important.  Yes, we must have a Supreme Court but not until October.  Yes, immigration reform is important but that issue has waited this many years...

The point is simple and there is no cause greater at this current moment than job creation.  If the jobs cannot be created fast enough, the American people deserve to at least receive the fraction of their prior salaries from unemployment insurance.  In some states, the worker has actually paid into this system directly.  In all other states, the employee has paid into the system indirectly.  This isn't a handout - it's a hand up.  It's an honest Main Street Bailout that one would think would be much more politically popular.

No one out there is choosing this 11 MILLION JOB shortfall our country has.  I have complete and total optimism that a million jobs can be created this year.  Even with that optimistic and over-reaching opinion, that still leaves 10 MILLION JOBS short.  Most, if not all, are gone forever.  Persons are re-training and learning trades they never imagined they would need. 

The whole situation is frustrating and it has nothing to do with political affiliation.  When one loses his/her job or safety net the absolute last thought on that person's mind is if they are Republican or Democrat or Independent.  The first thing on your mind is, "How can I make ends meet?".  "How will I pay my mortgage and keep food on the table?".  "How will I provide for my children?"  These questions are much more important than which political party is up or down and Congress needs to reflect that. 

Everyone, please keep your spirits up and keep urging Congress to assist.  Continue to take part in the initiatives such as the petition, the "Unemployed Will Be Heard" call Congress campaign, and the upcoming "MAYDAY" campaign.  Don't like any of these campaigns?  Make your own!  If it is something everyone can do, this blog will promote it - just let US Unemployed Blogsite know. 

The cause may be #5 at for now.

Please help us push this cause to the top.  Number one isn't necessarily the goal - the goal is getting a Tier 5 passed through Congress and your Representatives need to know where you stand.  Unless of course, you have an idea that would create 11 million jobs overnight that is feasible and would not uproot the economy. 
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