Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jim McDermott Changes YouTube Video Title After Caving To "Republican Obstructionism"

Mr. McDermott, you are not the only one who can change a title.  Logged for all of my readers (which is quite a considerable number for a small blog) is the blatant fact that you had a YouTube video that you titled "Rep. Jim McDermott on Tier 5 Unemployment Extension". 

Now you have changed that title.  Did you cave to the same Republican obstructionism you speak about in your video or did you think you could prosper from a publicity stunt?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Below was US Unemployed Blogsite's original posting on this:

Something interesting is on YouTube.  It has a posted date of April 23, 2010.  The most encouraging information for the long term unemployed is the fact that this particular YouTube video is posted by Representative Jim McDermott's official YouTube Channel:

The video WAS titled: 

"Rep. Jim McDermott on Tier 5 Unemployment Extension"

There are only two options why this video exists under that title and is on the offiical YouTube Channel for the Washington State's 7th Congressional District by Democrat Representative Jim McDermott. 

It's either a publicity stunt - earmarked to simply talk about Republican obstructionism and a really bad joke to play on the longest term unemployed who desperately need a Tier 5 Unemployment Extension. 


He plans to introduce Tier 5 Legislation.

Let's hold him accountable to the latter.  If the first possible explanation (or something similar) is his plan, he would be using those needing a Tier 5 as a publicity stunt.  He would be essentially insulting the intelligence of all of the longest-term  unemployed.  Personally, I do not believe McDermott would do this.  His district has a very high unemployment rate and his voting record in the past has always been in the favor of extending unemployment.

Readers, what do you think?  Publicity stunt or real thing?  Obviously, we need the legislation on the table before we can say for certain but Mr. McDermott needs to be held accountable titling a YouTube video "Rep. Jim McDermott on Tier 5 Unemployment Extension" if he does not intend to bring the legislation to floor. 


Now for certain we can say he's changed position or that was a publicity stunt.  Shame on you, Rep. McDermott!

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