Wednesday, April 14, 2010

This Blog Is Worthless Without Mentioning Paladinette

For those who don't know, the unemployed have many champions out there fighting hard for a Tier 5 for those who have exhausted their benefits. 

Yesterday, for the very first time we gave a listen to Paladinette (with special guest, Mr. G from  I know, shame on US Unemployed Blogsite for not listening to her radio show yet.  How this blog overlooked this gold mine of a resource is embarrassing.

At any time if you want to contact the editor of this blog:  Email at, Facebook, Twitter, or post a comment below.  Now is not the time for any of us to hold back any information that a fellow unemployed citizen will find useful.  Now is the time for action.

The online radio itself that Paladinette offers is a breath of fresh air.  What radio show that allows everyday, unemployed, scared Americans the opportunity to vent and share their opinions and stories and speak about their own unemployment problems? 

We have all read the heart-breaking stories in text on forums on the Internet about those who are all victims of this Great Recession.  No amount of text can produce what Paladinette is able to capture on her show.  Your fellow unemployed Americans are calling into her show and pouring their hearts out.  It is the belief of this blog that if the President or a member of Congress spent five minutes listening to her radio program - just five minutes - it would change the tone in Washington.  It would change the tone in the media. 

The issue of unemployed Americans losing their homes should not be politicized and Paladinette speaks to this on her show.  Her callers are venting at times but they speak the unvarnished truth.  They speak the truth as it applies to them.  Regardless of political affiliation:  Republican, Democrat, Independent, Liberal, Conservative, Moderate, or No Party - These people are all unemployed Americans.

When you truly listen to the audio of the unemployed sharing their stories and ideas on how Congress is not getting the job done for the Americans who need it most - it tears down the wall of political affiliation. 

Without further delay, listen to her show.  If you are unemployed what else do you have to do?  We know you want to speak out and Paladinette allows this and is a beacon of hope.  Her efforts echo the actions of this blog,,, and all of the other places where people can vent and exercise their right to free speech in this country.  It is a call to action for the unemployed.

Check out her show, more information is at

Once again, US Unemployed Blogsite is embarrassed that this resource was not brought to light for it's readers sooner and it is our hope that if the unemployed hear for themselves the efforts we are all doing - Tier 5 will happen. 

Still waiting for any developing news regarding what comes from the Senate Finance Committee today.  As soon as that information becomes clear, it will be posted.
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