Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's Time For Miracles

For those who have exhausted all 99 available weeks, this week may set the stage for what might come ahead.  The reason there have not been any posts during the Congressional break is the simple fact that there is no news of substance for those who have exhausted benefits.  After careful consideration of all of the news outlets that are reporting on the issue, there are only a few notable sources that are willing to take on the cause for a Tier 5 unemployment extension. 

As some may know, news sources such as World News Vine, Gather, MLive, and the Red, White, & Blue press blog have been the only sources to yet take up the cause for the need for an additional tier of benefits for those who have exhausted all available weeks.  US Unemployed Blogsite applauds these sources for taking up this cause for the unemployed.  If Congress is reading the content from these sources and this blog, those who have exhausted all benefits may have hope. 

The Associated Press and other larger news outlets seem to be identifying the extension which is likely to happen this week as the one and only action needed from Congress.  By definition, what Congress is doing this week is an extension but it is only an extension for those who have not exhausted the current maximum amount of benefits of 99 weeks.  Perhaps these other news outlets are not aware of the needs for creating a Tier 5 or they are too focused on week-by-week politics to address the longstanding issue - but the reports that we have all read during the Easter recess have only addressed the current battle in Congress to extend the current tiers until the end of the year.

We will all be continuing our efforts to petition to Congress, telephone and write our representatives and the news media so that our message is heard. 

Hopefully a brave member of Congress will step forward this week and address the needs of those who still cannot find work and have exhausted all available weeks of benefits.  We cannot make this happen unless we remain relentless in our efforts to make our voices heard now that Congress has returned from their break. 

We must not be discouraged from those who do not understand or feel that they are immune to not having a job and not being able to find a job.  Over the Easter break, we have all been witnesses to those who would call this effort "new welfare" or socialism or call the unemployed "lazy bums".  Those persons simply do not know what it is to be in this situation and they seemingly do not care at all about their fellow citizens who have lost employment through no fault of their own. 

The unemployed need to know that there are millions of others who have their backs on this issue and we will fight until the bitter end to ensure that every person who wants a job can get a job.  Until that time, we will advocate for extensions of unemployment benefits so that a laid off worker in 2008 can continue to collect 1/3 or less of what he or she made when employed so that the basic necessities can be met for those hit hardest in the Great Recession. 

It is time for a miracle for the longest-term unemployed.  Once again, all eyes on Congress and all voices letting them know that the unemployed will be heard.

Please take a brief moment to thank the editor at World News Vine.  We all need to be reading more stories in the news such as this:

Also, Gather is also helping those who seek a Tier 5 by reporting on the grassroots effort that began a month ago.
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