Wednesday, April 21, 2010

No Finger Pointing (Yet)...Just An Honest Question

This post may not reach the audience it was intended but it's worth a shot.  As we all wait for Congress to act, one has to wonder why not even 25% are taking action.  If you look at the numbers who exhausted benefits VS. the numbers on petitions or who are members of groups advocating for a Tier 5, it's not even close to matching up.  In fact, it does not even make up 25%. 

Now, I could post graphs and charts and illustrate for everyone what I am talking about but before I get into that I want my readers to help me try to find an answer for this. 

As I read this article at Gather posted by a really great journalist for the longest-term unemployed from Mike Rheaume, Gather, I know that there are larger audiences than those that visit this blog that are getting the message.  Mr. Rheaume's article is here and is near the top for current Google news results:

99er Update: Encouraging Words from Tier V Unemployment Extension Petition Creator

No finger-pointing is intended but why readers do you suppose the numbers do not match up even remotely for that petition?  Or for that matter all of the other petitions out there for a Tier 5?  We all know that the numbers of those who have exhausted benefits far exceed 20,000.  Where is everyone??

Realizing the heart-breaking reality that too many who would stand up if they could are possibly homeless today, that is certainly a percentage.  Where are the rest?  Any thoughts? 

You may leave comments as "Anonymous" or select the "Name/URL" option and leave the URL blank so you can leave a name or not - No post will be deleted unless there are vulgarities.  Just trying to pose an honest question here and I can think of no one better to help me answer these questions than my readers.

If Tier 5 is going to happen, we need a surge of troops before Memorial Day.
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