Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tier 5 - Daily Examiner Update

Today's update from the Examiner:  http://www.examiner.com/examiner/x-27052-Rochester-Unemployment-Examiner~y2010m4d27-Tier-5-why-its-needed-and-where-it-stands-today-update-April-27-2010?cid=sharing_twitter:27052

For those who did not see this article, it is the best of the smallest recent glimmers of hope that are out there on the Internet today.  The meat of the article comes from the testimony of the readers of Rochester Unemployment Examiner, Michael Thornton.  Mr. Thornton's journalism on this issue has been impressive and much to the benefit of the longest-term unemployed seeking action from government for a Tier 5 extension. 

He also is certain to always mention the efforts of Tier 5 activists by mentioning the campaigns: "MAYDAY SOS Fax Attack", the Change.org petition, and giving readers the access to contact their elected representatives which echoes the "Unemployed Will Be Heard" campaign. 

For example, one of his readers submitted the testimony: 
"From C: Last Friday, I called Senator Sherrod Brown's, Reid's and Senator Durbin's offices. I was told by all of their aides that they are all highly aware of the long termed unemployed and that they were all pushing for a Tier V….
I personally feel that because they have received so many calls, emails, faxes that they don't want to leak anything out in the media of what they’re doing regarding this. I think they don't want people to catch wind of it so then they'll get even more pressure and questions."

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