Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wanted : Wikipedia Writer - May Pay A Tier 5

For those of you who get feeds of this blog, you just saw a feed stating that the political activism for a Tier 5 Unemployment Extension was posted to Wikipedia.  We are currently working to resolve this issue with Wikipedia.  (From my understanding, Wikipedia immediately rejected the article and flagged the Wikipedia article as a spam attempt by citing 

If you know how to correctly publish a Wikipedia article, please contact the editor of this blog or please post the article yourself.  It is important that the free, online encyclopedia recognizes the factual information that the unemployed seeking assistance for an extension of weeks for unemployment insurance acknowledge this movement.  The Tea Party Movement is documented and this cause is just as important as 500k unemployed Americans have exhausted benefits and a million will have exhausted benefits by the end of the month. 

US Unemployed Blogsite is working to make sure this cause is a permanent piece of US history by getting a good article on Wikipedia.  If you have suggestions or can help, please contact by email or comment.
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