Sunday, March 14, 2010

TAKE ACTION! Please Join The Call Campaigns This Week To Congress.

This blog,,, and the 99ers strongly encourage you to please pick up the phone and demand action from Congress. We all agree that the more voices to Congress the better. We all share the same unified message which is, "GIVE US ADDITIONAL WEEKS OR GIVE US JOBS". This will be our focus all week until we get the attention of Congress and get a bill passed.

We demand a Tier 5 or at least an extension to Tier 4 unemployment.

It is time to get involved. Join all these organizations below and please get involved. If you are already a member of these forums or if you know another campaign out there, please let us know. We want to band together in this time of need.

An extension to Tier 4 and/or the creation of a Tier 5 may not happen without your help. Please, ask your friends and family to help in this also. Anyone willing to add a voice is welcome.


The original intent of this blog was to report the news and provide resources to the unemployed. This is the best resource I can do for those who have exhausted benefits or who will in a couple of weeks. Think of the thousands in poverty right now as I type this message and I plea to my readers to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves.  Those without access to a computer or may be under the impression that the last extension included an additional tier.

They are counting on you to stand up and fight for this extension. Continue to call, email, or write your members of Congress or your representative in D.C.

For a list of contact information and a sample script to call by telephone,

Check out:

I put this list way out in an area of Craigslist so that it should not bother anyone. It should be fairly printer-friendly. Print it out, please make some calls.

Please join these forums if you are not already a member - they will help you stay up to date and allow you to connect and share stories and vital information.

Please click the logo and participate in "Unemployed Will Be Heard" Telephone Campaign. 

More information can be found at

An additional calling campaign is being hosted by

Please take a look at this campaign and join the website. The cause is good. 

Online Petition:

If you haven't already, please take a moment to sign this petition to Congress asking for a Tier 5 extension.

This was an initiative from the 99ers (Those who exhausted or will exhaust 99 weeks of benefits).

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