Saturday, March 13, 2010

Grass Roots Effort To Extend Federal Unemployment Benefit Weeks Gains National Attention

Looking through the stories regarding any news that may pertain to extending the weeks available for the longer-term unemployed who were left out of the latest extension, a very encouraging article surfaced that demands national attention. has championed a grass roots Congressional contact campaign called, "Unemployed Will Be Heard".

Armed with the power of simply spreading the word to it's forum members to contact their elected representatives, this action has earned national attention today as it appears in Google News results posted by A respected news organization from the state of Michigan.

Please take a moment to join Registration is quick and easy and the cause is good. It is the reporting of grass-roots movements such as this that will get Congress involved in assisting those who have exhausted or are near exhausting benefits. Great reporting by and hopefully this and other grassroots movement gain more attention from the press and from our members of Congress soon. gives Kudos to unemployed-friends for leading this campaign and we plan to join and support this campaign. The more voices the better. is right.

The Unemployed Will Be Heard
The complete URL to join "Unemployed Will Be Heard" is here:

Update: There seems to be a problem with registering as a new member on the weekend. When registering for this campaign, the error, "Administrators have forbidden any new members." If you are new and wanting to register, try to register Monday through Friday.

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