Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Bunning Tries To Explain Why He Chooses Unemployment Extensions To Hold Up And Then Rants On How He Now Supports PAYGO?

Official C-Span Video, Republican Sen Jim Bunning, Kentucky, on the Senate floor with a sudden flip-flop support of PAYGO and choosing the unemployed as his divine opportunity to protest government spending.

Do not watch this video unless you can stomach the hypocrisy of this Senator whose actions are holding up extensions. He speaks of a "revolution" in this video. Apparently there is a "revolution" under-way to deny assistance to the jobless.

Mr. Bunning, retire now.

Harry Reid sets the record straight toward the end of the video and tries again to muster unanimous consent to move forward. Sen Reid also lays out his plan to get this assistance to the jobless as soon as possible. The procedure of cloture, once again, will be necessary to move forward.
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