Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ali Velshi has not stop lobbying for 99ers (video)

On CNN's Parker-Spitzer, Ali Velshi was filling in and he used his fill in to lobby for the 99ers.

Below is an excerpt from

Today's Number of the Day is 99.

That’s the maximum number of weeks (in most states; in others it’s 79 or 89) for which you can claim unemployment insurance payments.

Once you run out, you become part of a growing group of Americans – anywhere from 1.4-7 million Americans – who call themselves 99ers.  99ers are the forgotten victims of the recession.  Even December’s much-lauded tax-cut compromise, which extended unemployment payments for a lot of Americans, did nothing for the 99ers, who are arguably worst-off.

Congress members Barbara Lee (D-CA.) and Robert Scott (D-VA.) are sponsoring a bill which would provide a further 14 weeks of unemployment payments retroactively to 99ers.

Update - 

We have recently learned that the legislation to assist 99ers was stopped today as an amendment for violating House rules.  More details can be found at

The bill, if it makes it to the House floor, will now have to be introduced as a stand alone bill and Rep Lee has said that the spending in the legislation is offset.  Pressure needs to be directed at Republican House members and Speaker John Boehner for assistance.  The bill does have 67 co-sponsors currently.  More information on the proposed legislation to add additional weeks to the current maximum amount available will be posted as it becomes available.
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