Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New York Governor David Patterson Adds His Voice To The Cause Of Extending Unemployment Insurance Benefits

Below is a press release to Congress from NY Governor, David Patterson.

"As we in government work to rebuild a broken economy, we must continue to protect those most affected by this catastrophic downturn: the unemployed. Many of our neighbors without jobs have come to rely on the unemployment insurance benefits that provide them with the means to make their mortgage payments, buy groceries or simply make ends meet. However, if Congress does not act quickly, this much-needed resource will expire, leaving many without the support they need to weather this storm.

"I strongly urge Congress to extend the unemployment insurance benefits beyond the February 28 deadline through the end of this year. Without this extension, approximately 575,000 New Yorkers will see an end to their benefits. With it, we will help to ensure the economic security of those who have already made sacrifices, scaled down spending and gone without."

More information found at the official press release source:
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