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Resources For Managing Your Finances While Unemployed

The loss of a job can drain you both emotionally and financially. Below you will find resources gathered by the Washington Department of Financial Institutions to help you manage debt, avoid foreclosure, cut expenses, and more.  This is an area of the blog which may be expanded as more resources are recognized.

Credit and Debt Help

Paying off or keeping up with large amounts of debt can be difficult when you are unemployed. Learn more about your rights and what to do if you are over your head in debt.

How to Deal With Creditors

Dealing with creditors can be difficult and stressful, especially after
the loss of a job.

Choosing a Credit Counselor

Reputable credit counselors can advise you on managing debt and help you

Debt Consolidation

Advantages and disadvantages of debt consolidation.

What To Do If You’re Knee Deep in Debt

If you are overwhelmed by debt, learn about some of the options
available to you.

Repairing Bad Credit

Credit cannot be repaired overnight. Learn how to help yourself and how
to spot scams.

Local Credit Counselors

Counseling Northwest

CCNW serves Western Washington.

Credit Counseling Services of Inland NW

CCCS serves the Spokane Area.

Credit Counseling
Service of Tri-Cities

Serves the Tri-Cities area.

Credit Counseling
Service of Yakima

Serves the Yakima Valley area.

Avoiding Fraud and Scams

Fraudsters specifically target the unemployed. Avoid becoming a victim of a scam or fraud by learning about the latest scams.

Web Scam That Targets the Unemployed

Information about a scam targeting the local unemployed.

Financial Fraud Alerts

Local financial fraud alerts from the Department of Financial

Consumer Alerts

Local consumer alerts from the Washington Office of the Attorney

Alerts from BBB

Alerts from the local Better Business Bureau.

Trouble Paying Your Mortgage - Avoiding Foreclosure

Foreclosure is a stressful situation for those who must go through it. If you
are having trouble making your monthly mortgage payment, seek help right away.

Foreclosure & Homeownership Counseling

Free counseling sponsored by the State of Washington.

Information about Foreclosure

Information about foreclosure and possible alternatives.

Beware of Foreclosure Rescue Scams

Information about foreclosure rescue scams and what to look for.

Loan Modification Services - Caution

Be cautious of someone offering to help modify the terms of your home

Cutting Expenses

One of the first things you need to do when you lose a job is cut spending.
Find creative ways to cut costs on utilities, groceries, entertainment, etc.

66 Ways to Save Money

66 ways you can start saving money today!

Saving Money on Groceries

Tips on how to save money when grocery shopping.

Save on Energy Costs

Tips on how to save on your energy bill.

Save Money on Your Utilities

Tips on how to save on your utility bills.

Save Money at The Gas Pump

How to save on gas.

Save Money on Entertainment

Ideas on how to save money on entertainment.

Save Money on Phone, Internet, TV

Tips on how to save money.

More Resources and Tips

Resources and tips on how to save money.


Budgeting and Managing Money

Managing money while unemployed can be difficult. Learn more about managing
money during tough times and how to set up a tight budget.

Tips for Managing Your Money

Tips on how to manage money during tough economic times.

Household Budget

Interactive budgeting worksheet.

Budget Building

Tips on how to build a tight budget from Today Show contributor, Jean

On A Tight Budget

You can save money - even on tight budgets.

Retirement Accounts and Health Care Coverage

Many unemployed workers worry about their retirement and insurance coverage.
Learn more from what happens to your retirement and insurance coverage after a
job loss.
WA Department of
Retirement Systems

The Department of Retirement Systems administers retirement benefits for
public employees throughout Washington.

Job Dislocation - Making Smart Financial Choices

Information about making smart financial choices after a job loss.

Retirement and Health Care Coverage

Q&A’s about retirement and health care coverage for dislocated workers.

Protect Your
Health Coverage and Retirement Benefits

Helpful information about health care coverage and retirement benefits.

Employer's Bankruptcy - How Will It Affect Your Employee Benefits?

Fact sheet  on how an employer’s bankruptcy will affect your benefits.

Protecting Pension and Health Care Benefits After Job Loss

Tips on protecting your pension and health care benefits after a job


The loss of a job can create new tax issues. Learn more about filing taxes while unemployed.

Financially Distressed Taxpayers

The IRS recently announced new steps to help financially distressed

Impact Of Job Loss

The loss of a job may create new tax issues for you. Learn more from the

Unemployment Compensation

Information from the IRS about unemployment compensation.

VITA Program: Free Tax Help

Help to low- to moderate-income people who cannot prepare their own tax

Earned Income Tax Credit

The EITC is a refundable federal income tax credit for low to moderate

Taxpayer Rights

Your rights as a taxpayer.

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